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  • Nancy Wong 2 years ago

    aww thank you! =) I am wearing MAC’s gingerly blush

  • Nancy Wong 2 years ago

    thank you! =) i have yet to try the josie maran oil! only the spf! very
    interested though! =D

  • Carolyn Ann 2 years ago

    Hi Nancy, My name is Carolyn & this video is GREAT! I’ve had dry skin since
    I was a teen, and I just turned 42. It’s gotten even drier in the past few
    years, plus I’ve developed rosacea, as well. I’d never even heard of that
    Kiehl’s creme til this video, & i’m looking forward to trying it. Your skin
    looks lovely, btw. Take care. 🙂

  • Nancy Wong 2 years ago

    aww thank you so much for watching! I’m happy that you found it helpful! I
    tried really hard to reduce the length of the video haha 16 min is quite
    long but there was so much to share ! I wanted to make sure i covered
    everything! =)

  • elohel 2 years ago

    you’re so pretty and like my new favorite guru! what blush are you
    wearing?sooo pretty!

  • Nancy Wong 2 years ago

    I was pretty scared of that too but this exfoliator is really soft and
    gentle it doesn’t take too long until it dissolves into a nice milky
    texture which is why its so great! and when you first apply it you dont
    ever get the feeling of it scraping your skin off but just enough to remove
    dirt and impurities =)

  • dikon islam 2 years ago

    Bad acne compromised my life for a long time. I used to shut myself away
    because of the problem. I utilised anything I could get my hands on,
    however it didn’t work. After which I learned about the Acne Executioner
    web page (Google it) and I had at long last unearthed something which was
    successful. I quite like looking at face in the mirror for the very first
    time ever.

  • Nancy Wong 2 years ago

    yes! please let me know how it goes! i’m happy that i could help in anyway!

  • RidiculouslyRetro 2 years ago

    EVER!!! i feel the same how most beauty gurus seem to have oily skin. I
    have dry skin and i hardly get pimples so i need products to most
    importantly hydrate my skin. Dry skin is annoying because when you put on
    makeup, the flaky bits becomes more obvious. Plus your video was very clear
    and thorough. Keep making videos! I’m definitely a proud subscriber for
    yours!! xoxo

  • ~iFuller~ 2 years ago

    Where did you get your shirt? love your vids xx

  • Candace Barham 2 years ago

    Loved this video, so helpful! Im suffering from dry skin all of the sudden
    and I have never had this problem so I was desperate for some advice on how
    to get my skin back to normal.

  • melissaggallo13 2 years ago

    Yay a YouTube vlogger with dry skin!!!

  • Nancy Wong 2 years ago

    it’s awesome!! Thanks love! =)

  • Raja Sega 2 years ago

    Hi gorgeous, you have a beautiful skin texture. Cheers.

  • Aria Marallo 2 years ago

    Thank you Nancy great video !!

  • elida songan 2 years ago

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  • imaMonkeyFiish 2 years ago

    thanx alot!

  • Jessi Suminski 2 years ago

    I’m shocked you use makeup wipes. Especially the kirkland ones. I have dry
    skin and those ALWAYS make it worse for me.

  • Dagmar M. 2 years ago

    Hi, great vid! dry skin realy is horrible but I find that the new garnier
    hydra adapt for dry skin works fine aswell 🙂 thanks 4 the tips :)

  • zoolander 2 years ago

    Really liked ur review and hence I subscribed 🙂 good job! 

  • Veronica Peveroni 2 years ago

    Hi, your skin looks great, I’m not in USA, can you recomend me a website
    where I can find some of this products? Thank you

  • Sophie Back 2 years ago

    TheMakeupChair has really good tutorials for dry skin. They’re really worth
    a look.

  • KaylaboohLovesWilliam 2 years ago

    I used to use the same neutrogena mask/wash. When I first used it, it made
    my face incredibly red, but my acne was clearing up. After a week of use,
    my skin became accustomed to it and it worked fine.

  • 15chompers 2 years ago

    Drug store equivalent to keihl’s??

  • AnimalsGirlful 2 years ago

    cleansers take the oils away from your skin and breaks them up and makes it
    dryer, so bad for dry skin :3

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