Salmon Recipe on Byrons Channel – *Always check with a doctor before making any major diet changes. This isn’t a diet that is restricti… Related


  • Tropigal05 3 years ago

    I love all those foods! So good and good for you. 

  • cherryblossom605 3 years ago

    Great video 

  • lola 14 3 years ago
  • A capite ad calcem 3 years ago

    This video made me really hungry. haha

  • IRISHKISS7 3 years ago

    Anytime I dont feel well, or am bloated or tired, I crave fruit. I never
    understood what people meant when they said they feel alive from eating raw
    foods. I totally understand now. Not to mention,if we strive to have at
    least 3 to 5 different colors in our meal, chances are they are really
    healthy choices! compared to fast food, or junk food .. it is usually a
    beige or brown color -_- ewwie 

  • What sing is this????

  • Megsbeautyx0x 3 years ago

    Strawberries also contain salysilic acid which helps with acne! xx

  • Lafni Sepang 3 years ago

    Hi, Rachel. I’m glad to subscribe to your channel. I love watching your
    videos. They’re organized and attractive.

  • jenniviv 3 years ago

    Rach, your video content and production quality is the best it’s been…
    maybe ever? Great job! The short (but informative!) videos are setting you
    apart from the rest and it’s a really, really good thing :)

  • Margarita Chan 3 years ago

    Great tips like always sweetie! I ALWAYS look forward to new videos from
    you! You are an AMAZING person and you inspire me 😉 xoxo

  • FancyThatwithCandice 3 years ago

    So helpful, Rachel! I have had SUPER dry skin lately (and have noticed a
    few more wrinkles under my eyes since chasing after 2 small kids! Haha!) I
    am going to load up on the fruits you mentioned, and I can’t wait to try
    that smoothie! YUM!!! Thanks for always putting out such fabulous content.
    I love watching you before heading off to bed for the night! Hugs, Candice

  • Regina Loves 3 years ago

    I love your videos Rachel, always a fun watch 🙂 

  • krunktina69 3 years ago

    yup ur skin is flawless = )))) Need to start eating those foods from now on

  • Avah Ham 3 years ago

    LOVE all of the healthy yummie ideas!

  • LittleLeahLouu 3 years ago

    Hi everyone! Because response videos were removed, it’s really hard to get
    noticed on YouTube! I make art and beauty videos and it would mean a lot to
    me if anyone checked out my channel 🙂 I realize most people don’t like
    these comments so you don’t have to read this, but I am just asking for
    those who are maybe interested 🙂 Have a great day!

  • AmelieMakeupBeauty 3 years ago

    Thank you for this. I would definitely try some of them ! 

  • Broke But Bougie 3 years ago

    I love the idea of salmon and couscous! I usually just do salmon and brown
    rice. Definitely going to try. Great video! 

  • Beautyosaurus Lex 3 years ago

    Love this! I completely agree that eating well helps your skin
    tremendously! Great video 🙂 I just started a beauty channel and you are
    such an inspiration.

  • HealthNutNutrition 3 years ago

    Great video rachel! You cut your cantaloupe the exact same way as me:) I
    just had some last night with watermelon.. so yummy! 

  • Kalei Lagunero 3 years ago

    Love my fruits too! Also love salmon! Sushi is my jam!!! Hehe! Heading over
    to your husbands channel to get another idea on how to cook/pair salmon
    with side dishes!! Woo! 

  • That Gibson Girl 3 years ago

    olalala YES YES YES and more olalala IM into all of this

  • kissndMAKEUP 3 years ago

    Love the way this was filmed and edited! Great video Rachel :)

  • VideoPrettyBrilliant 3 years ago

    Your blueberry chia smoothie looks so yummy Rachel!

  • PureSparkles22 3 years ago

    u should have added avacados

  • Jolene C 3 years ago

    Rachel, this might be too private to you, but if you don’t mind, may I ask
    you do you suffer or experience a back pain from being heavy chested? You
    are very healthy skinny, so I am wondering if you have such problem, and if
    you do, how do you fix it? Because I am suffering this quiet often, and I
    do not want to have a surgery, so if you could respond here or make a video
    (I am sure I am not the only one) talking about it, that will be
    fantastic!! Great video btw, gonna try that smoothie out tomorrow! Love you

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