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  • diana lopez 3 years ago

    The side bun is the cutest 

  • Diana Finke 3 years ago

    Did you come up with those?!

  • Eva Jay 3 years ago

    I really2 love the side french braid bun!
    its really suite for ball …

  • Amani Hassan 3 years ago

    Thank you

  • Lisa Chandrakant 3 years ago

    You look lyk Scarlet Johanson

  • Maggie Giron 3 years ago

    That’s true Maggie’s right

  • Yoanda Lopez 3 years ago

    Thanks my mom did that first or second one and it looks AWESOME 

  • Jiena Henson 3 years ago

    Thank you this will help me a bunch!

  • Daniel Paniagua 3 years ago

    My sister said thank you so so much

  • Beth Cook 3 years ago

    Gonna be wearing braids to skool for a whole year now! This brading is
    sooooo edictive did my first proper braid on my sis today it was amazing so
    watching loads of braid tutorials yey!

  • Diane Kerstein 3 years ago

    Thank you for the tutorials! 

  • Rihab HLAYBA 3 years ago

    you could ve done a braid and roll it around you hair and leave your hair

  • KATHRYN EFTINK 3 years ago

    wats up with the mirror

  • Muskaan Soni 3 years ago

    Very good ! Even Iam going to try on my long hair.

  • Milena Zivotic 3 years ago

    I can do better than her,the hair stayls are not pretty!!

  • Samme J 3 years ago

    Am I the only one who can’t bobby pin correctly ? ._.

  • kunfussed213 3 years ago

    Aren’t those really “Dutch” braids,and not “French” braids? Not being a
    smarty, I really want to know. They look like Dutch braids to me because
    they’re not inverted, but just the opposite . :-

  • JingleJangle10 3 years ago

    These look so good. If only I could actually do them by myself…

  • Kim Juršnik 3 years ago

    10 Easy Quick Everyday Hairstyles for long hair : Side French Braid Edition

  • Neha Pd 3 years ago

    +SoWmYa MaNikYaM.. I was just getting bored to death when I found this in
    the YouTube suggestions.. Watched it. Got entertained. Damn, this girl!
    She’s amazing! I love those hairstyles.. looks so complex but is so easy!
    😀 But my hair’s thicker than hers and I even hate making pony tails in my
    hair.. My hands get tired really easy. Your hair’s thicker than mine lol,
    idk how you comb your hair. o.o Whatever it is, this video’s a must watch
    reyy! x)

  • maria glambert 3 years ago

    your cute bun looks like a flour

  • Maithly Dhawan 3 years ago

    you are sooooo pretttty nd cozz for d first time in forever i understand d
    meaning of side french now i get it…..thankxxx alot….

  • Mohini Mahor 3 years ago

    wow so beautiful

  • maggie 3 years ago

    you look like scarlett johansson! :)

  • JustA Teen 3 years ago

    You are so pretty, well jel :/

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