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  • MrSmokingChimpanzee 3 years ago

    Me: Doctor why is my belly bloated all the time except in the morning?
    Doctor: Your abs are weak.
    Me: Doing this for two weeks, no more bloating :D

  • theblondeunicorn 3 years ago

    I don’t have a ‘belly’ as such but it’s definatley not flat, how often do
    you recommend doing this workout to see results with in a month?

  • Emma Dendooven 3 years ago

    after doing this, i was laying on my bed for 3 hours while eating chips and
    candy, that isn’t the way to get abs i think…

  • rachel weidner 3 years ago

    I really need to lose weight 

  • Alexie Gaming and Entertainment 3 years ago

    I’m starting to like my results~!~

  • manasie23 3 years ago

    Am I trying this first thung tomorrow

  • Aliesha Horan 3 years ago

    Loving my results from this! This video is my little secret hehe

  • Alix Thomas 3 years ago

    someone who has actually been using this workout can you tell me the
    results, does it work?

  • Georgia Lorthen 3 years ago

    You guys are the best. I am learning a lot from your videos every day.
    Thank you for making our lives healthier. 

  • iHEARTt0kyo16 3 years ago

    what can I use to replace dumbbells cuz i don’t have a pair. haha. anyone?

  • Josh Armstrong 3 years ago

    I did this 3 times a day once when I woke up another at lunch and 1 time
    before I go to sleep and I didn’t eat any junk food and I drank nothing but
    water and I did this for 6weeks and I lost 35 pounds!!!!!!!

  • SpaceClown404 3 years ago

    These crunches just make my tummy hurt really freaking bad I have to

  • Sofia Pelle 3 years ago

    Lol I’m eating ice cream while watching it

  • Paris_ 7 3 years ago

    Is she a robot gosh

  • Orcilla Ruthnam 3 years ago

    Great ab workout

  • Official Jiraa 3 years ago

    its hard for me after the third session….

  • shaira talukdar 3 years ago

    Will this help to get rid of the lower belly fat?

  • better than you 3 years ago

    can someone tell me how long until you see results? need a flat tummy for

  • xTaddertot 3 years ago

    Should my hips be just as sore as my abs? Because they are :(

  • Jackeline Vargas 3 years ago

    Fall is here no excuse to stop working out. 

  • Giang Nguyen 3 years ago

    i’m 13 years old. do you know what excersise that helps me not only lose
    weight but also increase height? thank you so much :D

  • LuluAndTheHollow 3 years ago

    Just a random question, do guys find Girls with abs attractive? Or naww

  • BRITNEY JACKSON 3 years ago

    On the last work-out.. Is your back suppose to hurt? Could I be doing the
    work-out wrong?

  • Samantha Morales 3 years ago

    Is it best to do body weight cardio to burn fat until I want to get to my
    goal weight and then do some weights or use the cords ? I want to lose
    quote percent body fat plus lose the prego lose skin that hangs over and on
    my thighs and arms lol

  • FitnessBlender 3 years ago

    7 Million views! Thanks for working out with me guys! Have you tried any of
    our hundreds of other full length workout videos, including many more ab
    and oblique workouts?

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