I forgot to add that you can wear circle lens but here is my list: 1. light concealer around eyes 2. whit/champagne on lower waterline 3. apply eyeshadow on … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


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  • LadySov109 3 years ago


  • chue her 3 years ago

    Hey I’m a Hmong girl too I thought Hmong people doesn’t do any tutorial

  • Lala bby 3 years ago

    You’re really pretty !

  • AzuraSora 3 years ago

    Promise if from Nepal 🙂

  • Juliana v. 3 years ago

    I love your hair (:

  • velvete kblack 3 years ago

    i want you to sit on me in your next tutorial,and spank me with pink
    marigolds on xx

  • maikmoua 3 years ago

    lol no its not mongolians..we orginate from should google it

  • ye3110 3 years ago

    You’re so pretty!!!!! AND YOU LOOK LIKE ONE OF THE BRATZ DOLL (JADE)

  • maikmoua 3 years ago

    yes true 🙂 this is just how i make my eyes bigger

  • Dana McIntyre 3 years ago

    You are adorably beautiful

  • Jebblz daKing 3 years ago

    Thank you .. it really worked *.*

  • MissHeLucas 3 years ago

    You’re very pretty!!

  • lagaby12 3 years ago

    u lipstick is a nice color which is it?

  • maikmoua 3 years ago

    no problem at all 😀

  • Bronté Handrahan 3 years ago

    You’re really prettty

  • maikmoua 3 years ago

    they do 🙂 it doesnt matter what race…as long as youre persistent

  • Alexus Noonecares 3 years ago

    do a tutorial on your look from this video! your eyes look grreattt 😀

  • Sophie Von Baphomet 3 years ago

    wtf is mong? mongolian? halp

  • maryjane415 3 years ago

    Lol they stooooopid ( the sisters) they just talking about themself lol

  • MultiHostage 3 years ago

    maikmoua i do like Chinese people in fact i have cat name Chino which means
    Chinese because his yellow and has very cute small eyes

  • Christina Spurlock 3 years ago

    You are the cutest girl I have ever seen! And I love your videos! Thankyou
    so much!!!

  • karysa mazz 3 years ago

    This had some great tips!! Not to mention that you are super beautiful :):)

  • MultiHostage 3 years ago

    Maikmoua since your probably Chinese please follow your country’s rule of
    one child per couple so we wont get populated like china

  • Wraithz 3 years ago

    gd vid

  • Punkin' banana 3 years ago

    Just the other day I were looking at my favorite-video playlist at youtube,
    and I found this. I must’VenusAngelic added it long ago. Seems like I
    didn’t watch bad videos back then either xD

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