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  • Anyon Kross 3 years ago

    I suffer from tendonitis in my hips and right leg I find this work out
    helps reduce the pain ­čÖé I love it!!!´╗┐

  • Sharon McCallie-Steller 3 years ago

    This is not beginner´╗┐

  • harveypotato 3 years ago

    Okay. At 11 minutes, this is no longer for beginners. lol. Also, it would
    be nice to have an intro to how to breathe. This whole thing is very
    confusing and difficult (nearly impossible) for people with severe chronic
    illnesses/pain disorders who have never done yoga. ´╗┐

  • anon yMOus 3 years ago

    Just got back into a routine, I feel ready to suck todays metophorical
    Excuse the pun. I just feel so alive. Not that life is measured by the
    amount of dicks you suck. Quote-Superbad. Thanks for turning me into a
    energy freak.´╗┐

  • Elo McC 3 years ago

    Thanks for that! My gf and I feel awake ­čÖé felt pretty confident on our
    positions. Namaste´╗┐

  • Plum Berry 3 years ago

    Started this every morning :)´╗┐

  • Kirsten Brown 3 years ago

    what was the music playing in the background?´╗┐

  • cheryl cardall 3 years ago

    this to me was not for beginners. it also goes too fast in my opinion´╗┐

  • Caleb Gamble 3 years ago

    Im assuming that this is for men as well? It feels like all of the videos
    that I find on youtube are geared towards women, and I don’t know if there
    are different poses for either gender. New to this, obviously. ´╗┐

  • Corinne Lopez 3 years ago

    I feel so great! So much better than going to the gym and doing the boring
    treadmill and weights. I feel like this will tone me up faster and more
    evenly than all those gym workouts. I used to go to the gym three times a
    week for an hour and the results were coming so slowly. Thank you so much!´╗┐

  • Alysia Doyle 3 years ago

    I LOVE what you do! I have yet to get through a yoga class without having a
    near death experience, but I have not given up on the idea. Your videos are
    fantastic! ´╗┐

  • ConfettiCurls 3 years ago

    Soooo…i almost killed myself trying to do all those poses lol! She goes
    so fast! I’m working on getting my flexibility back but i will keep this in
    my faves for later use once i do lol´╗┐

  • Candice Poe 3 years ago

    14 minutes in. took a break, geeze woman! lol´╗┐

  • Joseph Easley 3 years ago

    Augh! Cindie, you are SO damn cute! Normally I don’t care for tattoos, but
    with a personality like that, I can only love them as simply another part
    of you. The hair, the outfit, the voice, the person, I love it all,
    lol! Ahh, yes, the yoga was great, too! I shall be returning in
    the mornings to come! :D´╗┐

  • walter robertson 3 years ago

    pretty much just stretching that most athletes do post workout or pregame´╗┐

  • Candy Heart 3 years ago

    Thank you! I think I just figured out why I couldn’t do yoga, I needed to
    stretch out ALOT before trying! xx´╗┐

  • caliwlove 3 years ago

    if this is beginners than damn. iam not flexible enough at all lol loved it
    tho ´╗┐

  • Marjolein 3 years ago

    It’s amazing what you can do with your body..´╗┐

  • bronbron p 3 years ago

    i lovvved this yoga tutorial. im doing it every morning!´╗┐

  • Aqeelah 3 years ago

    YOU I FEEL GREAT! ^_^´╗┐

  • Sananya09 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for the amazing routine!! Love it!´╗┐

  • HealthNutNutrition 3 years ago

    Loved this super relaxing yoga routine! ´╗┐

  • EngineeredTruth 3 years ago

    She’s my favorite yoga instructor! bring her back!´╗┐

  • Alexandria Karaoui 3 years ago

    I mean do we eat before or after we stretch?´╗┐

  • AlessandraKrazy 3 years ago

    I do three of these workouts a day. I start with the flexibility one then
    this one and last the one to get a flat belly and abs. It’s very relaxing
    and I’ve slowly started losing weight. I also drink about 2 Arizona green
    tea’s a day but any green tea would help anyone. :D´╗┐

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