25 Replies to “3 Prom Styles | Hair & Makeup Tutorials!”

  1. caanyounot

    old Hollywood! ♡ thats our theme and its on may 30th im really excited 🙂
    please do a tutorial on your winged eyeliner its so perfect! 

  2. partypanda143x

    it’s been over a week and you haven’t chosen a winner. does that mean the
    contest is over? my favorite one is for sure the girly one! and please
    teach me your eyeliner ways!

  3. Abby Gail

    I feel like the white dress should have been more fitted on top bc u have a
    small chest but other than that all the dresses makeup and hair look great!

  4. Carolina Vasquez

    woah this is definitely my favorite prom tutorial i’ve seen..and i’ve
    watched so many! thank you(: definitely subscribing(;

  5. Tess Christine

    I hope you like this! Love you guys, thanks for always being awesome 🙂
    p.s. have an amazing prom! xx

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