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  • its.lis 3 years ago


  • natalie paula 3 years ago

    your hair is perfect.

  • omjill 3 years ago

    watch Scandal and Happy Endings. Great shows!!!

  • Ariane Ward 3 years ago

    I love Jake Bugg!!!

  • Sinead Finn 3 years ago

    Alyx you can watch all 4 seasons of diary of a call girl on Project free
    Like so she can see 🙂
    Also you should try Game of Thrones it is amazing!!

  • Hannah Melton 3 years ago


  • ballerina3018 3 years ago

    project free tv!!!!

  • ThatAwkward Pringle 3 years ago

    Mega share !!!!!!!!!

  • Pauline Gener 3 years ago

    I love your music taste and your black and white bed set, it’s so cute

  • Marwa hassan 3 years ago

    Omg only nine views and no dislikes

  • Ciara Campbell 3 years ago

    God, you are so freaking cute!
    I can always count on you for a laugh, Alyx :)

  • mabes mangos 3 years ago

    watch the l word and the uk skins. best shows ever. also peep show is
    great. british humor, hilarious and super fucked up lol

  • MakeupByAshley33 3 years ago


  • elijah johnson 3 years ago

    I love the xx so much

  • Tam-Anh Nguyen 3 years ago

    i see kathy griffin in the background!

  • CastleFlameGal 3 years ago

    Secret Diary of a Callgirl is on Netflix. Seasons 1 – 4. That’s on the UK
    version of Netflix anyway. If you wanna unblock it download the hola add-on
    for your browser, so you can use the UK version. That’s what I do when I
    wanna watch stuff from the US version of Netflix.

  • Kelly Halladay 3 years ago

    Loooove your hair color 

  • anna bananna 3 years ago

    R U drunk? 😀 Symphatic ! Like

  • Katrina Kalamar 3 years ago

    Jake Bugg omg ♡

  • ayydubs 3 years ago
  • Pamela Sanchez 3 years ago

    you have to start watching scandal – IT IS AMAZING. if you haven’t!

  • Sara Biebs 3 years ago

    All the comments are from 8 months ago o_O

  • Lacey Kay 3 years ago

    I think you’d like Orange is the New Black on Netflix….SUCH a great show!
    It’s addictive

  • LovelyLilyGrace 3 years ago

    Hey Alyx if you need a good show to watch on Netflix watch Scandal. I’m

  • Antonia R. 3 years ago

    Hey. Does this workout help to build muscles in my back too? I read that
    you should always do a workout for building muscles on your back if you do
    one for your abs but i couldnt find one just for the back on this channel.
    Is it already included in workouts that concentrte on the abs? Thanks for
    doing such great workouts, i love them. (:

  • youtubingid 3 years ago

    OMG! What a workout! I’m just getting back into shape and I really felt
    that workout. Love the breaks between sets. That’s very much needed for
    those of us who are coming back.

    I’ll be back tomorrow.

  • Islamboy Ali 3 years ago
  • Brian Shewoerer 3 years ago

    this workout is fantastic! I couldn’t even finish this I stoped at 10
    minutes.. gonna keep at it with this video!

  • Franziska G 3 years ago

    liked it 🙂 love this format!

  • Toni Bruce 3 years ago

    love this workout and the breaks in between each set perfect timing I will
    definitely be doing more of these workouts along with my gym time

  • Natasha Robertson 3 years ago

    i have always loved working out… but because of FitnessBlender i’ve quit
    my gym membership…these videos keep me in shape and i have SO many
    workouts to choose from that i never get bored…keep up the awesome work!

  • Richard Ng 3 years ago

    yeap, doing this after usually doing 60min hiits is comparatively easier :)

  • Noelle S 3 years ago

    Great workout! Was able to complete this one and I feel good! Thank you
    again for another awesome workout!

  • Fernando Ruano 3 years ago

    Awesome routine. Amazing and it works

  • Alina Filimon 3 years ago

    i did that and its a awesome workout….thanks

  • Katherine Downham 3 years ago

    @Dreamies411 keep your neck and head aligned with your spine, if your chin
    is tucked into your chest, you’ll most likely strain your neck : Make sure
    you focus purely on your abs! 😀 

  • Mikhail GodOfChaos 3 years ago

    Totally complete!!! awesome!! today I’m starting with my 30 days cardio
    workout! these excericise are awesome!!

  • Kate Jennings 3 years ago

    this is the ultimate workout for people like me who get bored of exercises
    quickly! perfect a.d.d. workout :)

  • Shereen Kim 3 years ago

    Try this for #workoutwednesday 

  • gee pearl 3 years ago

    wasn’t bad…

  • Joannabanana1989 3 years ago

    i loved the variety of exercises in this!! lots of new ones for me.

  • miss0somi 3 years ago

    woww it was so hard core love it thanks

  • Adelaide Chitanda 3 years ago

    This was a really challenging one for me. I can’t wait to try it again in
    order to do better thank you fitnessblender 🙂 xo 

  • Franziska G 3 years ago

    done :)

  • Joy Bignell 3 years ago

    I had thought that my fitness level wasn’t improving much at all and I have
    never finished a HIIT Fitness Blender video before, but I finished this
    one! I didn’t even find it as hard as I thought I would!

  • Knarf Seyer 3 years ago

    must try! :P

  • Kurobewry Ochann 3 years ago

    How many calories it’S burn?

  • kristine pelino 3 years ago

    must try! :P

  • hellradiolives 3 years ago

    Before I started my Fitness Blender journey and was exercising on my own by
    reading magazines, I attempted star planks and failed multiple times. I
    thought to myself, “Those exercises must be for athletes or super-fit
    people.”. Well, I am still neither of those types of people, but I did
    those darn star planks today. Thanks FB!:)

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