Hello my beautiful people! Today I show you guys how to create 9 different eyeliner looks. The looks range from quite simple to major drama. I hope you guys … REVIEWING: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner RETAIL INFO: I purchased this for the obnoxious amount of -ish dollars at Walgreens. Target, A… Video […]


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  • Rachael F. 3 years ago

    VLOG: Quick Review @Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

  • Rachael F. 3 years ago

    I filmed another episode of QUICKIE REVIEWS ~ reviews 5 minutes or under.
    This episode, I’m reviewing Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel
    Eyeliner. Enjoy!

  • AidetteLovesBeautyXo 3 years ago


  • alexis espinosa 3 years ago

    “Bold” Looks like a panda.

  • Roxana Ir 3 years ago

    I liked the double wing and fish one . 

  • Afsana Uddin 3 years ago

    His helped me

  • WeirdoBeez 3 years ago

    I have this eyeliner!! aha

  • MrRoxz 3 years ago

    How the hell did you made it look so easy? Ahhh I’m so jealous with you.
    LOL XD

  • Zanana Pinas 3 years ago

    Check out interruption of a
    winged eyeliner look! I loved the last look! Really helpful. 

  • Laura De Bruin 3 years ago

    What brush are you using? 

  • Candy'se 3 years ago

    Just : FANTASTIC : so beautiful

  • Mead Badir 3 years ago

    what brush did she use?

  • Joanne Cluley 3 years ago

    the ‘bold’ look is what my attempt at the’ smooth’ look looks like. I keep
    trying to perfect each eye and make them equal and in doing so, I make the
    line thicker and thicker XD

  • calum loves jasmine 3 years ago

    man, I suck at this and im 15 years old. ugh.

  • ifthisisntlove 3 years ago

    But waaait a moment. Since when is an exaggerated cat eye “Classic?”

  • Laura Murray 3 years ago

    I can never seem to get both eyes symmetrical :(

  • Amanda Slone 3 years ago

    Step 1 – don’t have soft eye lids… :(

  • ReachForTheSky96 3 years ago

    I freaking hate it when I do one eye perfectly and cannot seem to do the
    other. It makes me want to cry hahaha

  • Keeley B 3 years ago

    Thank you. What eyeliner did you use while doing this? Xxx

  • Meda Gry 3 years ago

    Arent u a little young to do make up tutorials

  • KillMeWithWords 3 years ago

    it’s 1am and i am suddenly compelled to wash all my brushes and attempt
    winged eye liner…

  • debbiechen4 3 years ago

    How do you know how far to draw the wing ? Because I tend to either draw it
    too long or too short….

  • Carmen's reborns and dolls 3 years ago

    You’re wearing way too much for your age. You don’t need so much.

  • Evalena Bobb 3 years ago

    Nmber 5 is my everyday eyeliner

  • Neomi Caban 3 years ago

    Different ways u could put Eyeliner ♥♥♥9 Different Eyeliner Looks:

  • Khaleesi 3 years ago

    I hate it when people say like ‘Start to wing it out’ but when i do it on
    one eye it looks awesome and then on the other it’s crooked and it’s

  • Heidi Hering 3 years ago

    you’re so gorgeous you remind me of grace from american horror story

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