We ensure this cleansing tip is perfect for every skin. Follow this for a week and you will see the dramatic change. Despite of using the best cosmetics and … Related


  • CherryBlossomChic1 3 years ago

    Don’t worry Eunique you look just fine! Your my favorite WISHTrend TV
    muse!!! #TeamEunique

  • SelenaAmane 3 years ago

    I love the leaving the water on the face tip, it feels so much better
    putting on moisturiser. I think it feels more gentle 🙂 thanks for the

  • vampiregoddess1964 3 years ago

    So cool. I would have never thought to do this!

  • sakuramacchiato 3 years ago

    Eunice, you are so awesome! ^.^ <3

  • Anh Nguyen 3 years ago

    hiii. thnks for the tutorial. i will try it out. but what is the reason
    behind of not putting pressure on skin? i did not get this :)))

  • DLis7 3 years ago

    This was very informative and will definitively help me improve my
    cleansing routine. Thanks for always showing everything step by step and
    with detailed explanations. I appreciate the hard work. ^^ 

  • why can’t we put pressure on the face?

  • Camilla Ngo 3 years ago

    hi Euni, this video is really helpful. But I’d like to ask what do you
    think about Western cleasing tools like the Olay Pro X or Clarsonic. They
    both have good review from their users and very reputable. And they’re
    surely don’t clean the skin in a soft, gentle way you suggest here. So
    what’s ur opinion?

  • tae hyum 3 years ago

    do you know any website that sells the product you used and it ships
    worldwide? because in my country, it’s hard to find products that aren’t
    from garnier & some local brands. and thank you for the helpful tips!

  • Edelene Poh 3 years ago

    I really see the passion in Eunice!!i was also wondering what must was she

  • Candice Li 3 years ago

    question: how long do i need to wash my face? one min??

  • Erised Marauder 3 years ago

    I don’t think it’s all that bad to let skin dry before putting on
    moisturizer, because the first ingredient is usually water anyway..

  • Thalia Ram 3 years ago

    I love her! She’s so much fun and I learnt so many things too….I always
    thought my face wouldn’t be clean unless I scrub it, I didn’t realize I was
    irritating it more >_< *gasp* 

  • saldiamond 3 years ago

    a tip i have is to make sure your hands are clean every time you wash your
    face, use toner, put on moisturizer, etc ^^ thanks so much for sharing your
    tips with us!

  • m0nkey 3 years ago

    Can you do a video about removing eye makeup and exfoliating dry flaky

  • Carmela Terrado 3 years ago

    when I’m having a problem with my skin I apply a face mask and I try to be
    clean with all the things I used when I apply makeup on ^_^ love your
    suggestions green tea can also be used as the water itself used to cleanse
    the face ~♥ can’t wait for your next video.

  • mikoyemi 3 years ago

    wow your face is a lot whiter than your body O.o

  • TheWallflowerFilms 3 years ago

    To make the bubbles, would you recommend using the fish-net looking thing?
    The Faceshop has this foam-making net that you put the cleanser in that and
    massage the cleanser in the net until you make this bouncy foam.

  • Bluce Cloud 3 years ago

    wow! I really like the way you do tutorial, it’s very informative and
    dedicating. Thanks so much! But I want to ask that if we use only 1 finger
    during cleasing then it must takes much time to finish with the face
    compared with using 3 or 4 fingers at a time, but I read somewhere that we
    shouldn’t leave cleansing products on our face more than 1 minutes, it says
    that you should cleanse your face within 1 minute.. 1 minute for the
    rubbing on hands to create bubbles then 1 minute for cleasing it on your
    face…I follow this and now I’m not sure that if using only 1 pinky, 1
    minute is enough for me?

  • WISH TREND 3 years ago

    [Wishtrend TV]

    The most important step in daily skin care is Cleansing.
    Check Eunice’s Perfect Cleansing Secret now 😉

  • DiorAdri 3 years ago

    Yayyy thank you!!

  • lizette batongbacal 3 years ago

    Thnx for this!

  • Hamy Nguyen 3 years ago

    First time watching her, she seems really cool :)))))

  • koreanlovesbeauty 3 years ago

    you have beautiful skin ^___^ loved the video ~ very informative!! i love
    this channel. you all are so pretty

  • MsAlatariel91 3 years ago

    oh drat..then that just means more time in the shower then if i want to do
    the pinky finger method lol this is really informative though. thank you
    unni~ ^_^

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