In a search for a good low carb bread alternative that I can make easily without a bread machine, I found this great recipe by Jennifer Eloff (http://www.swe… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Quite often, the Atkins Diet follower brings with them many family favorite recipes. One of the challenge is how to convert those […]


  • DealGuide 3 years ago

    I always learn something new from you. I didnt know there was such as thing
    as almond milk! *lol I love you please keep making videos. Also i’d like
    some cardo tips like how many miles should an atkins dieter walk per day?

  • mlh418 3 years ago

    a question about Dreamfields pasta.. did it have any effects on your weight
    loss? I guess what I am asking is, does it really work?

  • frdgordon 3 years ago

    Thanks Kent. I really appreciate the videos!

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @ckrtom2 There are certainly some genius cooks out there that make low carb
    conversion recipe to eliminate the guess work, but lately I have been just
    throwing things together sans recipe. So far they have worked well, and at
    least my family thinks they are delicious. Getting inspired to see the
    possibilities is critical. When energy is low, we are tempted to make poor
    choices or the more commercial alternative. I am glad I could help your
    creative juices and inspiration.

  • BodybuildingTom 3 years ago

    My favorite “conversion” of something has been Parmesan chips vs potato
    chips. I usually use the cheap bottled stuff versus the wedged one. I mix
    in whatever seasoning I feel like that day with some Parmesan , put it on a
    teflon or greased pan and bake it for a few minutes, you get a similar
    texture that’s extremely low carb and can be used for a wide array of

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @souza777 I haven’t had much success with jicama when the slices have
    gotten larger than the very thin slices from the peeler. When they get
    thick, the fibrous nature gets more off-putting. You might try chayote. I
    hear that is really good, but I can’t find it.

  • maryposa1978 3 years ago

    mmm….. zooooodles 😀

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @maryposa1978 My wife is more a fan than I am, but I wanted others to know
    about options. 😀 It is always great to see you comment on video.

  • i alpha 3 years ago

    Love it Kent, great info again.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @smly7898 Thanks for watching… I think you’ll like the next upcoming
    recipe video.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @angelwings0428 Actually a majority of people have that reaction with sugar
    alcohols. That is one of the reasons I generally do not recommend most
    sugar alcohols. There are a few exceptions (like erythritol), which are
    better than the others like maltitol and mannitol. If you check out my
    video called “Atkins Diet: Acceptable Low Carb Sweeteners,” I actually talk
    about these effects.

  • souza777 3 years ago

    Do you have a potato salad recipe video?

  • souza777 3 years ago

    I live in California (Central Valley) so I’ll look around here for it. We
    have a lot of Mexican stores that carry alot of things like this. If I find
    it I’ll send you some to try!!!!

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @DealGuide Thank you for the very nice comments. They certainly inspire me
    to make more videos (and better ones 🙂 ). To your question, I would
    suggest frequency and length of time to be as important as distance at
    least initially. 2-3 miles (~30-50 minutes) three or four times a week
    would be a great target to start. Within months, that could be closer to
    4-6 miles. It is all dependent on what your body can handle both now and as
    you lose the weight. I never thought I’d run a marathon.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @souza777 Sorry, I have personally not had great success or like the
    recipes I have seen, which have used cauliflower in exchange for potatoes.
    Linda’s Low carb site has a couple of them, and you can certainly try them.
    I just never thought the times I made them that they were “video worthy.”

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @irishalpha Thanks!

  • 3 years ago

    Kent, is it possible to make pasta noodles ONLY using soy flour?? Have you
    tried doing that? Is there a recipe for pasta using exclusively soy flour??

  • ckrtom2 . 3 years ago

    Very strong video, Kent; got my “creative juices” flowing as I think about
    food possibilities as part of a new healthy lifestyle. Nice to see a new
    video from you. Love the side-by-side ingredient comparison with your
    Grandmother’s recipe

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @djangoMO That’s just one of my daughters making the corner off the stairs
    at 2:18.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @frdgordon I always appreciate you watching and commenting.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @BodybuildingTom Good call. I make something similar except on a nonstick
    frying pan, and season it with garlic and Italian seasoning. I fry it until
    it is crisp like a pizza crust.

  • winter654123 3 years ago

    Kent I bought the five cookbooks from Jennifer Eloff I was really excited
    to get them but once I did I noticed she had some off the wall ingredients
    Can you help me find where to buy these items? I don’t even know what some
    of these are. Here’s the items I have never even heard of and I also tried
    to research them online and never could track them down where to buy. 1.
    Spelt flour,and also unbleached spelt flour 2.Whey protein powder 3. Vital
    Wheat gluten 4.Xanthan gum 5.Guar gum thanks for info

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @mlh418 I only added it into my diet when I was near goal, and was always
    somewhat lower in carbs otherwise on the days I used it. I don’t
    necessarily believe their 4g or 5g per serving quoted net carbs as I have
    heard from others they might not have had the spike but had prolonged
    elevated blood sugar levels. That is one of the reasons I recommend being
    closer to goal before trying it.

  • angelwings0428 3 years ago

    thank you! I will check it out. Glad to know that others have the same
    reaction. I was in pain for a good 3-4 hours after eating the sugar-free
    product…..ugh! not pretty!

  • souza777 3 years ago

    do you think Jicama would work as a replacement?

  • Juanelo1946 3 years ago

    The cheese bread looks magnificent! Thanks for showing us the recipe, Kent.
    In your honest opinion, how does it compare with ordinary bread?

  • openuniverse2003 3 years ago

    No yeast??? What would happen if you added yeast?

  • deniceinspain 3 years ago

    oh, you have a lightsaber oven.

  • The Gramophone Collection 3 years ago

    I need to get some measuring cups then 🙂

  • lisababy85 3 years ago

    Is there any substitutes for flaxseeds that are low carb. I made flaxseed
    bread and it was DISGUSTING! Flaxseeds taste so gross=( I know they are
    healthy but eww

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @RobotBadger Personally, I lost over 18 pounds (aver. 4.6 pounds a week).
    At 900 Calories a day and anyone over 5′ tall, you risk a number negative
    side effects. I personally never felt deprived, had great success, and
    routinely ate over 3000 Calories. If it worked for you and your body didn’t
    suffer for it, congrats!

  • Gaby Karina 3 years ago

    MAN!! THERE ARE a lot of HARD-TO-FIND-INGREDIENTS THERE!! geez, im living
    in indonesia and im sure i cant find all of them.. hhh… 🙁

  • Mirazon 3 years ago

    Great recipe..Thanks!! How do you make your flax meal? I;ve never tried

  • openuniverse2003 3 years ago

    @bowulf Right, and your recipe does contain some carbohydrates. Wouldn’t
    adding a bit of yeast, and allowing the dough to “rest” for a bit before
    baking, drive the carb content down even further, along with resulting in a
    somewhat fluffier bread?

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    Stay tuned, Jane… The next recipe video is going to show just how far I
    have come from my dislike of some vegetables. I personally don’t believe I
    actually liked what I made my wife for valentine’s day.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    The end result was baked bread in the pan being pulled out of the oven. I
    showed the bread and its usage at the end.

  • PairoftheSocks 3 years ago

    @RobotBadger word of warning, i’ve read that low calorie on atkins can
    somtimes cause you to metabolize your muscle, so I really wouldn’t do 900
    calories for more than two weeks. Just how i feel.

  • Heatproofsissy 3 years ago

    THats the best reply I have heard in a long time!!!!! Good for you.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    Thank you for the compliment. I am definitely glad that after 22 years my
    wife still thinks I am as handsome as when we were first married.

  • Pasha King 3 years ago

    No, I know your wife went night night, and so the camera doesn’t show the
    end results. Your pan is about the size of your hand, so if you follow your
    math, its not the size of bread. And My opinion is just that, My opinion.
    It means as much as anyone else’s. Its simple.. If your ideas taste good
    and are satiating, then they will work. IF not, then we stray. Have you
    eaten bread in the last few years? Its a staple food, one that is not
    easily replaced.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @WabiSabi64 For the most part, I try to discern between the trolls and
    those are just mistaken. Those that could be educated, I try to engage. The
    other ones are simply fodder for the block list. I know I am not alone in
    this way of eating, and it’s funny how much science there is coming out to
    defend this way of eating. I am confident we are reaching a tipping point
    to the death knell of the eat fat get fat mantra.

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @FreeCapital Heck that’s not even him but someone he favorited or fawned

  • jimny99 3 years ago

    Hi Bowolf A great home made spread that goes with this kind of bread is
    humus flavoured with finely chopped chilli peppers. I take one red and one
    green pepper (output will be 1 level tablespoon of each), de-seed, and then
    cut into small pieces, no more than 1/4 inch square – and stir into a
    standard tub of humus. By not mincing the peppers you maintain the flavour
    of the humus, and get chrunchy morsels of chilli dotted through the spread.

  • Hien Minton 3 years ago

    really nice video

  • diogenes cynic 3 years ago

    Cruelest diet on the planet.

  • myfamilynme 3 years ago

    I’m glad I came here and read this before I ordered that bread. It’s very

  • Bobby25ification 3 years ago

    the guy making the chesse bread

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    @pennylane7070 If you expand the video description, you’ll find the recipe
    to almost all my videos. This one is: 1 cup ground almonds 2/3 cup gold
    flax meal 1/3 cup vital wheat gluten 1/3 cup vanilla whey protein 4 tsp
    baking powder 1 cup Shredded Cheddar cheese 1/4 cup butter 2 eggs 1/2 cup
    heavy cream/water mixture Mix Dry ingredients together in large bowl. Cut
    in the butter. …

  • Kent Altena 3 years ago

    Love that feedback!

  • Kita Nguyen 3 years ago

    good recipe :)

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