We recommend Gel TRIQ from Hanz de Fuko In this video You se an Example on how to Create a S… Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • Raj Dale Steyn 2 years ago

    OK Its Great.. But Like Vagita Not Like Goku

  • Mark McCormick 2 years ago

    Asians still have the best hair, sorry!

  • Raj Dale Steyn 2 years ago

    Great Brother I Love Your Style

  • Guido Westerwelle 2 years ago

    Start working first!

  • Arush Dey 2 years ago


  • Jora Abjora 2 years ago

    fucking joker BUT WHERE IS YOUR ENGLISH ?

  • TCWProduction 2 years ago

    I need help from someone who knows, i have black really thick amd wavy
    hair, like my hand cant go through easily, i need help on styling and
    cutting and everything inbetween :s

  • James Johnson 2 years ago

    Is this fuck speaking Pikey??

  • DaNinjaWaffle6 2 years ago

    Reminds me of Vegeta 

  • Tyler Cote 2 years ago

    What kind of haircut should I get for this hairstyle?

  • Gaurav Kumar 2 years ago

    what a awsome haistyle………………..
    i totally like it…

  • david alejandro gaitan osorio 2 years ago

    I Can´t Get Something Like That… I Look Like An Old Tree!

  • TheEpicReapzz 2 years ago

    Tell me how you get your hair soo thik plss …

  • husen mohammad 2 years ago

    its too good

  • It reminds me of dragonball z

  • Furqaan Shariff 2 years ago

    Can you please tell me that for how many months did U grow ur hair, atleast
    an approximation

  • Prashant Vikal 2 years ago

    I have same hair in texture and curls and are of same length, I wish I had
    seen this video a long time back

  • Conor Smith 2 years ago

    Looks like sonic

  • totkosdk wskjdhsuy 2 years ago

    this is how to be super saiyan

  • NinjaNick96 2 years ago

    Every time I’ve tried to gel my hair like that it always slums down right
    away. Am I wetting it to much or not enough? 

  • matt billings 2 years ago

    IT’S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • etienne chapdelaine 2 years ago


  • Emil Sv 2 years ago

    he dont even speak English as he usually does on his videos =D its Danish

  • GG Thunderbird 2 years ago

    My Acc Picture , his Hair”s … O.o

  • MissedTitan 2 years ago

    Dude, die your hair blonde…. just trust me.

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