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  • Kristina Iankova 3 years ago

    I liked this makeup tutorial. So simple, yet so beautiful. Thank you!
    Your skin is so pure, pimple&acne free and gorgeus.

  • bleeka325 3 years ago

    Honestly you don’t need make up 

  • Tye Greene 3 years ago

    You are so pretty! I lived the tutorial

  • Tyra Ghant 3 years ago

    OMG!!! You were playing 4 Letter Word by Diggy Simmons!!!!!! I FREAKING
    LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isabella Ryan 3 years ago

    You have the most beautiful flawless skin ever!! Such a great video, new
    subbie xx

  • lala vasquez 3 years ago

    Finally, a makeup tutorial that applies to my specific skin color! 

  • peachsaregood 3 years ago

    gorgouse :)

  • jada gordon 3 years ago

    This was great! Thank you!

  • Monaé Walker 3 years ago

    you don’t even need makeup. you’re mad pretty without it 

  • AverageBlackGirl 3 years ago

    wow, you are sooo gorgeous. like, wow.

  • Caprice Jackson 3 years ago

    Hi! I was just wondering, which shade of Maybelline Fit Me powder do you
    use because I use the exact same foundation as you and I want to start
    using the powder too

  • May-ange Olivier 3 years ago

    can’t find you on instagram :/

  • Rickiesha Goodwin 3 years ago

    Its called typelining

  • Sugar Kiss 3 years ago

    OMG your so pretty & r u a belieber? 

  • MsShamma96 3 years ago

    Why are you turned away from the camera if you are
    teaching/showing/demonstrating how to do something 

  • Elvira Huitt-Carney 3 years ago

    Hi , I would like to ask if you would do a video on beginners make up
    because I am 14 & I don’t want to wear a lot of it & plus I don’t really
    know how to put it on. Please help me!

  • Glitzgurl08 3 years ago

    Gorgeous with and without makeup!’:)

  • Veronica V 3 years ago

    We are the same shade in concealer yet it’s too dark for me I think it’s
    too orange

  • Loghan Kay 3 years ago

    You look like Tiffany Evans.

  • GootMusic98 3 years ago

    Easy. Breasy. And oh, so beautiful!! I love this it’s so understated and
    appropriate for school. 

  • sassy smith 3 years ago

    Awwww my daddy has the same chicken pox scar in the exact spit that’s so

  • aleidacastroxo | Makeup 3 years ago

    Ur so pretty. I make videos too. I would love for u to check them out. 

  • LilyGaby CriZ 3 years ago


  • Malin Larsen 3 years ago

    You are soo pretty

  • Naya Doll 3 years ago

    Ik this vid is kinda old but at 3:45 I was like “is that my song??” lol
    pretty makeup look though 

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