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  • KarmaKidnapping 3 years ago
  • Pfirsichwassereis 3 years ago

    Hallo du! 🙂
    Hab dich gerade über einen Kommentar beim Alex entdeckt, mir gleich ein
    Video zu Gemüte geführt und bereue nichts!
    Du bist die hammer Sympathlerin! 🙂
    Glanzleistung des Vor-der-Kamera-Quatschens! Echt, so lässig und cool!
    Abo ist gebongt – natürlich.
    Hab einen schönen Sommer!
    Jessie :-)

  • ZeeZee Al 3 years ago

    what seemed like 10 min, felt like an hour.but was actually 20 min. well
    thanks for this, guys ! :)

  • Tommy b 3 years ago

    First time made it to 10mins, the squats kill your legs! Second time 15mins
    getting there! So motivated, never been this sweaty, even on really long
    runs! This is fun, put on the tv and off I go!

  • MusingsofaJay 3 years ago

    Oh Daniel T_T how can you be so 🙂 about this when I’m T_T

  • nykia31 3 years ago

    I said that the 15 minute one is a good morning shock job…this one is
    more of a beat down :D

  • PheeFhee 3 years ago

    this man cray…i thought the warm up was the workout…lmao…this kicks

  • Daniel Hursey 3 years ago

    try this at home people !!!!! oh the pain but you feel out of this world
    upon recovery

  • Nate davis 3 years ago

    6minutes in I already threw up !

  • tspeiro 3 years ago

    I got 6 and a half minutes… Jeez louise, I have a LONG way to go!

  • Bryan Martinez 3 years ago

    What a rush, I was only able to get 10minutes in but I promise you I will
    hit that 20 by the end of the month!!

  • Ciano.bosj 3 years ago

    I do 150 jumping jacks, first I do 100 without any weight and after I do 50
    with halters in each hands it’s pretty good!

  • Antonsetiady Cheow 3 years ago

    your blurpees is not perfect, but i know mine isnt as well,, …blurpees is
    the killing exercise :P

  • Socialmanfilms 3 years ago

    You guys are pretty cool. Just started doing this brutal high intensity
    workout 2 days ago and I’m starting my second day today. I just got a quick
    question for anybody to please answer, I know HIIT workouts are 3-4 days
    MAX each week, but what should I do for the days I don’t do it? Should I do
    like a low impact workout those days in between? Just to burn myself off a
    little but not over strain my body? Hope you guys can give me an answer. I
    think I might be getting somewhere with this whole workout plan, but I just
    have to get this question in for a confirmation. Thanks!

  • Alex Franck 3 years ago

    The key is this workout are burpees. They always kick u out of ur comfort

  • Raven Thomas 3 years ago

    So is this a workout for weight loss toning,endurance? I haven’t started
    the video yet lol but I’m going to do it and finish I’m just looking for
    more weight loss videos I’m in my second mintj of trying to get myself
    healthier because I’m at risk to become obese as an adult(I’m 16) and so
    far I’ve lost 13 lbs and plan to continue until I reach my 150 lb goal
    maybe I’ll even terry for140

  • Khadijah Sadiq 3 years ago

    I could NOT finish this…but you rest assured #FITNESSBLENDER I will
    concur your within the month, in shaa Allah!!!!!!!!!

  • John Coakley, Jr. 3 years ago

    Man! I. Am. Done. This is a great workout! I am going to be doing this one
    at least twice a week. You all have a new subscriber here. Thanks for this.

  • BLC Bobsluckychannel 3 years ago

    do you need to do it everyday? or just like 5 times a week?

  • iRiizZ X 3 years ago

    is it the lactic acid that makes you burn ?

  • Neghie Thervil 3 years ago

    Brutal does not suffice in describing this work out. How about murderous or
    death trap? I think I died twice. 

  • psaris7 3 years ago

    so all those are for cardio?

  • Lucas Rodrigues 3 years ago

    must i doo this all day i fell pain in my back it horrible

  • Gridiron Trenches 3 years ago

    this workout is indeed a beast lol but I complete it every time. drenched
    in sweat it’s not for everyone but it’s easier starting with the 30 second

  • zebnat 3 years ago

    all you need is some squats & burpees and say goodbye to your legs

  • Andy Pandy 3 years ago

    Just did my first burpee. Followed by a thousand puke-ees. 

  • FitnessBlender 3 years ago

    A brand new, Round 2 Brutal HIIT Ladder just went live! Find it here @ Brutal
    HIIT Ladder Workout Round 2 – Advanced Workout to Push Your Limits 37
    Minutes, warm up & cool down included. Can you finish Round 2?

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