24 Replies to “Bye Bye Dark Circles!”

  1. Vicente Gaucin

    Thanks:) this really helps i’ve had really bad dark circles for as long as
    I can remember :/

  2. kirbyfan4

    I still remember the tags “Dark circles can suck my asian buttcheeks” on
    this video. Back when youtube showed tags

  3. Rosaleighash

    If I had your skin and eyes I don’t think I would wear make up. Your makeup
    is always lovely, but you have such a natural glow and natural beauty. 

  4. meja lundmark

    i have like soooooooooooo bad dark circles and i have like allergies all
    year aroung so annoying!!

  5. Zen chau

    thanks for those tips! I will try it out soon and hope it’ll help me too!
    btw. you’re so beautiful and cute and you look like Ai Otsuka in this
    video! ( Japanese singer if you don’t know her 😀 ) 

  6. horseygirl883

    I have really bad dark circles under my eyes It has been that way since I
    was 5, and now it is getting worse. It looks like I have a black eye, in
    each eye. I don’t wear make up, and my mom wont let my use eye cream, she
    thinks its bad for you. I tried this for 3 weeks and they still arnt even a
    slightest lighter. Should I got to a doctor, or is it just due to being
    born with it and lack of sleep? Any tips?

  7. Jessie Sennett

    if YOU think you have dark circles, you should see me, they’re horrible and

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