I’m wearing Glam Time clip-in hair extensions and I talk about them in detail in I als… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Get my Glam Time clip-in hair extensions on Linked hair tutorials: ✿ WATERFALL BRAID hairstyle (for long, medium long and medium… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • Alyssandra Teh 3 years ago

    That ending tho

  • Drtskp 3 years ago

    Wow… Italy looks amazing! Must visit this country someday… Thanks for
    this vid Lilith! Xo

  • Alisa Ascension 3 years ago


  • VictoriasRoses 3 years ago

    OHHH LOL! I about died when I saw the Trevi Fountain. I went to the Trevi
    Fountain in 1990 and it was in the same state and empty no water. No
    construction workers. Oh I laugh so hard now but I was not happy it was
    empty. ahhhhh!!! 🙁 I really loved your video! Everything in it was
    beautiful. I will send it to my daughter she just returned from France. She
    has long blond hair so I hope she tries some hair styles. We are going to
    Hawaii in a month for our vacation. Hugs Becki

  • Makeupholicfrombirth 3 years ago

    Please make a tutorial of all the new hairstyles you wore in Italy. Thank
    you for putting up this beautiful video. Italy is one of the places I would
    love to go to. 

  • BeeTee 3 years ago

    You reached 1 million subs! I was watching out for that the past few vids

  • giuliana f 3 years ago

    Bellissimo l’acquario di Genova!!!

  • Saroar 3 years ago

    You’re amazing! Great video

  • Kathy 3 years ago

    I loved this video! Amazing culture and architechure!

  • Татьяна Пыкина 3 years ago

    you looked amazing)) and i like motivi too)

  • cavana123 3 years ago

    You look so pretty with every hair style , what a nice vacations

  • Agbdancer101 3 years ago

    Can u please please please do a tutorial on the braided headband u did? I
    love it and it looks so cool!!!! Thank you 

  • lalagirl211 3 years ago

    Wooow… u r so perfect, ur physical body doesnt have any imperfections

  • Carissa Louise 3 years ago

    I’ve always wanted to visit Italy. OMG. 

  • Rebecca noonan 3 years ago

    Love that you set yourself an awesome challenge. I loved watching your trip
    to italy and learning alot of history was really cool. I realllly want to
    go there now looks beautiful.

  • Grace Lidster 3 years ago

    Oh wow I’m going to sorrento and rome tomorrow !!!!

  • Laura Müller 3 years ago

    Love this video! Seriously is there a language you can’t speak?
    Pls do some of the hairstyles as a tutorial they all looked so fabulous! 

  • Qy Amelia 3 years ago

    Pretty hairstyle…btw can your boyfriend does your hairstyle to your
    hair??i think it is lil fun

  • Jessica Yan 3 years ago

    Nice!! I really liked this video! 🙂 congrats! Your so so close to

  • Alicia Lorena 3 years ago

    Haha this video was so fun! We got to see another side to your lovely
    personality 🙂

    Would you consider making a Boyfriend Tag? Xx

  • angelfoodcake1979 3 years ago

    That’s a very beautiful video. I loved watching your vacation. Does your
    boyfriend not find it weird that you clip in and out your hair?

  • Valentina_Tina96 3 years ago

    perché non hai visitato la puglia? :(

  • Lilith Moon 3 years ago

    Ciao ragazzi! I just came back from a wonderful trip to Italy and today
    I’ll share with you my adventure. I challenged myself to wear a different
    hairstyle every day, and I’ll show you my super quick and easy looks to
    hopefully get inspired to style your own hair when you travel. And what are
    your vacation plans for this summer? :)

  • VamptasticVamp 3 years ago

    It was honestly the best video of yours!

  • uffiMarta 3 years ago

    You are sooo cute speaking Italian! Just yesterday I wore that dutch
    fishtail braid, I love it, but my hair fell out of the braid as usual..
    Next time you’ll come to Italy, you should come and visit Sardinia (my
    island) and Sicily too: they are both beautiful!

  • mic sassy 3 years ago

    Your accent is so cute!!

  • Alexus Robertson 3 years ago

    This helped soooo much, Thanks!

  • Fiona Elizabeth M 3 years ago


  • yoly portocarrero 3 years ago

    lo maximo estan super las trencitas……

  • allsupergirl 3 years ago

    i like the rope braid (second one shown)

  • RDream 3 years ago

    To be honest,I like both the same!

  • Alexa Charbonneau 3 years ago


  • Sandra Vižinytė 3 years ago

    Neturit minčių, kokia pasidaryti šukuosena???
    tai pasižiūrėkit klipa ir iškarto atsiras:D

  • Diane Mason 3 years ago

    i like the twisty one!

  • Lotus ibiscus 3 years ago

    Amazing! thx!

  • Mariah Guerra 3 years ago

    The first: )

  • Sunrise Rocker 3 years ago

    Your so pretty

  • Annika Candy 3 years ago

    Thanks for this video I have been trying to do different braids for school
    and I will definitely give this one a go!:)

  • ZaZa5939 3 years ago

    Hi Lilith Moon. I discovered your videos via Enjoy Phoenix’s. I tried this
    one but I have some difficulties with the second braid. Can you be more
    specific at the beginning when you divide your hair ? For the first braid
    do you take the hair at the back of your head or on the outside ? And do
    you take more hair than for the second ? I don’t know if my explanations
    are understantable, I’m not english :-/ Thanks for your reply !

  • Alexis Whitfield 3 years ago

    First one was a success
    Trying the second now

  • Mallow Hamza 3 years ago

    Lovely i like the way u show it thanks farl

  • Melissa Peterson 3 years ago

    will this still work if you have thin hair?

  • Shania Chamilall 3 years ago

    Does it work for naturally curly hair?

  • sami haroon 3 years ago

    Ugly hair

  • VampireChick77897 3 years ago


  • ange etrange 3 years ago

    Love the second one wow

  • Sarah Jane 3 years ago

    Personally I like the 3 strand in the middle

  • pramukha prasanth 3 years ago

    the second one

  • XxNekoKilaxX 3 years ago

    cant do this :(

  • Demira Aquilina 3 years ago

    the first one

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