Cute everyday hairstyles for medium long hair tutorial

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29 Replies to “Cute everyday hairstyles for medium long hair tutorial”

  1. elizabethqbi

    Te hace falta colocar más agua. La tecnología trabaja con la molécula del
    agua y el producto. Es necesario agregar agua con un atomizador.

  2. Makeupbay88

    I just watched 6 of your updo/braid videos and you have given me so much
    inspiration. I am a hair stylist but braids have never been my strong
    skill. I can not wait to try all of these! Thanks again! ❤️

  3. tejaswini muralidharan

    easy to do
    fun and awesome
    got a lot of comments for this hairstyle lilith
    thank u:)

  4. J.Isabel Melgar

    I love this look for formal on the bottom just curl . Thanks to you’re
    great instructions I can have great hair days. 

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