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  • Donya Hezaway 3 years ago

    your hair is gorgeous

  • Stuff 3 years ago

    Can’t you buff your armpits with that crappy little dog.

  • Tanya Lake 3 years ago

    well, i’ll be damned!!!! thanks for these/those lovely tips. I see other
    lovely tips from other people’s comments. i will be trying them out!!!!

  • candyg06 3 years ago

    lovely pits

  • rfletcher09 3 years ago

    Beside an amazing tutorial can you tell me the amazing lip shade you have
    on? PLEASE! :D

  • thank you for the video! and you are really really hot :D

  • Leticia Perez 3 years ago

    Thank you for the tips!!!

  • Beaunty andBreakdown 3 years ago

    You resemble Dayami Padron ! 

  • Miryam Hernandez 3 years ago

    Thank you so much 

  • KylaMickey 3 years ago

    I found that when I started using this natural spray-on deodorant the
    darkness slowly went away.

  • Soukaina ch 3 years ago

    After we put the potato . Do we wash it?

  • BeautyByMe 3 years ago

    Her underarms look irritated. Or is that just me? 

  • Mikhaila Knight 3 years ago

    When she was “shaving” my two main thoughts was
    1. Wtf is she shaving??

  • Cindyy Mora 3 years ago

    Was the potato cooked? Or did you use it raw???

  • sycamoretree19 3 years ago

    how many cups of lemon???

  • Asmaa Ahmed 3 years ago

    Hi, a couple of weeks ago i waxed my armpits myself and did it thrice
    because i have got quite thick hairs actually and they were not pulling off
    (i have been waxing from last 2 months, before that i was using hair
    removal creams). After few hours, i noticed that my armpits were highly
    damaged and got darker in a day. After two or three weeks, i visited a
    salon and told the matter and they said it is not possible for me to get
    lighter armpits because i have pulled out the natural skin and the other
    one said it could be because the wax hasn’t suit me (although i did a test
    before use and that place is still lighter) and offered me a wax right
    there. I need to ask weather they were right or they said this to make
    money because they asked me to get it from them instead of doing at home?
    Is it appropriate for me to use any of these remedies to get lighter
    armpits back?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  • nimedhel09 3 years ago

    Your armpits become dark because you shave them too much or because you
    burnt them with depilatory cream. I never shaved them too much because I
    don’t have that much hair down there, but I burnt them with said cream to
    remove the hair, and for like a year, I had darker armpits (because my skin
    was scarred and took the longest time to heal completely).
    I learnt that some natural products help with cicatrization of the skin,
    like almond oil, carot oil (that’s also good for acne scar, apparently,
    which I’m testing out), aloe vera, and others. So maybe trying that out is
    another thing is to shave less, but I know every woman is different, and if
    you feel like you have to shave every two days, well, it’s your body, your
    choice 😉
    One thing I would recommend, though, is not to shave with a razor too
    often, and use other methods that you can manage. And before you shave, you
    should exfoliate (and do that twice a week, with a soft exfoliating cream).
    And don’t forget to mosturize, that’s really important (with the oils I
    talked about). Let that penetrate your skin for a bit and then apply
    deodorant (you can remove excess oil with a pad if you still have a bit on
    your skin).

    That’s what I do, and my armpits have gone back to their natural light
    colour 😉
    I hope this helped ^^

  • Elin Nilsson 3 years ago

    You remind a bit of Julia Roberts when she was young :)

  • Amanda G 3 years ago

    If anyone has tried it, please tell me. Does baking soda actually work as
    a deodorant? And how exactly do you use it?

  • Daisy Lopez 3 years ago

    Is the wax you made good for waxing legs??

  • missJ3dst3r 3 years ago

    Baking soda totally works as a deoderant! I’ve recently started making my
    own deoderant and it totally works. 1/4 cup o baking soda, 1/4 cup of
    coconut oil, and 1/4 cup of cornstarch(or arrowroot powder). Mixit all up
    and it’ll make a paste that u can rub on andit lasts all day 🙂 

  • Brie Fly 3 years ago

    Does anyone else see a resemblance between her and Rosario Dawson.. both
    gorge! Side note: I’m try this 🙂 lol

  • N. Violeta Salsabila 3 years ago

    if Baking soda can solve dark underarms, does baking soda can solve dark

  • boloruuka 3 years ago

    ladies need to be careful about their under arm health to be aware of
    breast cancer.. 

  • Tatum Lee 3 years ago

    Can you you substitute the little exfoliate pads with a wash cloth? 

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