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  • selina sai 3 years ago

    You are super pretty without makeup on :)

  • Daisy Bunnett 3 years ago

    How long does it take to work?

  • THAT PERSON 3 years ago

    I looked threw every single comment and none said it works ! someone tell
    me were to get it from London ? :)

  • Khadijja Osman jama 3 years ago

    Can this be used on sensitive skin?

  • naomi dahan 3 years ago

    where can I buy turmeric?

  • Basil Mohammad 3 years ago

    Can we put milk instead of buttermilk

  • BonjourMiaAyana 3 years ago

    i did a turmeric mask tonight and for some reason it completely stained my
    whole entire face! what can i do to prevent it from doing this again and
    how can i make the stain go away? i look like a character from the Simpsons
    🙁 i have fair skin.

  • Petya Nikolova 3 years ago

    Hello:) How long does the mixture have to stay on your face? Thank you :)

  • knuxnbat 3 years ago

    Will try!

  • Nejcy00 3 years ago

    This stains your skin really bad :/ i could not get it out

  • Mohammad Mostofa 3 years ago

    Originally u indian?

  • Milica Levakov 3 years ago


  • Christabel xo 3 years ago

    thanks for sharing your secret DIY recipe :p anyway for those who are lazy
    can just grab the dr-hauschka-contour-eye-balm, it’s really really good,
    ive been using it for a month and my dark circles and wrinkles vanished!
    (unless i lack of slp then it’ll be visible)

  • Julia's secret 3 years ago

    Im 15, can I use this? I have natural undereye wrinckles and its very
    annoying that any concealer creases on me, even when I set it with pouder

  • damian dicks 3 years ago

    can i mix it with regular milk?

  • SK Jones 3 years ago

    where do you get turmeric powder?

  • Selena Balchan 3 years ago

    Oh lord why are people so negative? It is safe to put on your face I have
    done it many times and it’s really good the only difference is I used the
    actual saffron fruit (if that is how to call it) instead of the processed
    one. And I grated it into a bowl and mixed it the same way and applied it.
    Does wonders for wrinkles. I have an aunt 50 years old and has been using
    it for years and still looks like she’s in her 20s. Just don’t use it every
    day because too much of anything is not good!

  • Jeeters K 3 years ago

    I brought buttermilk for this treatment, but after couple weeks it got
    expired. Is harmful to use if its expired?

  • Rich Dolatre 3 years ago

    will this be more effective if i apply it under my eyez every night before
    i sleep, Then remove it when i wake up? cause i got the dark circles,
    wrinkles and eye bags, REAL baaaaad. 

  • Mowgli Wijnholds 3 years ago

    wauw! you are amazing! my mother is from Bangladesh, and are you from
    India! i love you’re channel so much! im gonne try this! hope it works! bye

  • Ria Nicole 3 years ago

    Sometime I wonder why I don’t look as well as these girls on youtube lol
    smh fml

  • apple85126 3 years ago

    i have eczema and hyperpigmention around my eyes and mouth area will it

  • MrManuel1329 3 years ago

    lol I hate milk forget this shit 

  • almana graceffa 3 years ago

    to all the arabs watching this video butter milk is another name for laban
    hope this helps, thank you so much i tried it its amazing 

  • Shaz X 3 years ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen butter milk in UK 🙁 is it the really thick
    one with a gold lid? 

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