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  • thereal maeya 3 years ago

    That was my hair brush and purfume idea!!!!!

  • alexa cuello 3 years ago

    you can also put your hairspray, gel, or hair grease on your brush which
    reduces the amount of grease in your hair and doesn’t make your hair stick

  • ThreeTalentedGirl 3 years ago

    Wow your eyes so stand out

  • Mehnaz Shreya 3 years ago

    you talk so fast!!!

  • Noeeellla T 3 years ago

    Spray a new toothbrush with hairspray and brush the top of your hair to get
    rid of flyaways

  • Nicole Vinasco 3 years ago

    Perfume is filled with chemicals and can dry out your hair, also it has
    alcohol :/

  • J

  • brynne highfill 3 years ago

    “Sometimes my eyelashes would burn off, and sometimes I would faint then
    and there.” I’m dying right now!

  • Vicky Rjas 3 years ago

    OMG u look sooo much better with black hair!!!!

  • lena sun 3 years ago

    I love your DIY videos!

  • Janette G 3 years ago

    another thing that most people don’t think about is you need to actually
    wash your hairbrushes.

  • Umran Aksu 3 years ago

    in the shower I pour out a little bit if shampoo and I brush my hair
    samething with conditioner

  • Daphnee Oh 3 years ago

    you’re hilarious!!! “She had dragon breath”

  • Fanny Stevance 3 years ago

    Super video !
    I have a question for you people: As a European I am wondering something:
    what’s with Americans and white teeth ? I mean, teeth are not supposed to
    be bright white. Not supposed to be brown either, but ivory is yellow-ish,
    it’s the way it is. Where does that idea of white teeth comes from ? Thanks
    if you have an educated answer ! 

  • 2CLENI 3 years ago

    Lol everyone says you speak fast but I don’t hear it…maybe bc I do too?

  • Mona Syoty 3 years ago

    actually if you spray perfume on your brush and the perfume gets on the
    roots of your hair eventually you will get white hair faster. I know this
    because i know many girls in my grade who used to do this and now they have
    a head full of white hairs and were freshmen. i believe its because of the
    chemicals in the perfume. 

  • sdarmy grande 3 years ago

    Its really hard to believe that you’re a youtuber. Nothings wrong with
    that, but you should be a famous model (like Cara Delevigne) or something.
    just saying… your really beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • angel cardona 3 years ago

    At 7:58 her eyes crossed

  • Tanya Lake 3 years ago

    I have a binder with index cards. You know how you just get stuff in the
    mail without ordering it? anyway, it’s called “The Complete Guide To
    Natural Healing”. I love this binder/book. It also has a lot of natural
    helpful and useful tips.

  • QuietRiot123 3 years ago

    she looks so different each year. Here its like Wednesday Adams

  • ItsDyanNotDylan 3 years ago

    Olive oil is the best eye makeup remover ever- so is coconut oil. Put
    Vaseline on your eye lashes to help make them grow longer and keep them
    healthy. Use a dryer sheet to remove dog hair when you’re on your way out
    the door and can’t find a lint roller. Use half a lemon with a bit of Epsom
    salt sprinkles on it, scrub your face with it to help with acne, followed
    by coconut oil as a moisturizer. You can also throw the lemon in your
    garbage disposal to make it smell fresh. For a leg scrub to use before
    shaving to give you super soft and smooth legs, use half a cup Epsom salt
    and half a cup baby oil, mix it up and scrub your legs with it to get the
    dead skin off before shaving and to also moisturize. I think that’s all of
    my secrets, atleast the ones I can think off right away lol

  • hashmina samreen 3 years ago

    ur face resembles anne hathaway in dis video. really

  • Sophietimegirl! 3 years ago

    Girl not tryin to be mean but girl,your soo fast at talking like way to
    fast girl

  • Nina Burman 3 years ago

    “Well actually you can’t blame it on me if you’re dead”

  • Zoe Tigran 3 years ago

    You talked soo fast here hahaha

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