HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! ^_^ Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Water is all you need to create this perfect makeup remover. If you have ultra sensitiv… Here is the link to Michelle Phan’s DIY Makeup Remover Video… In her version, she only uses olive oil and aloe v… Video Rating: 4 / 5 […]


  • Nikkigatorfan 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Jolien Nathalie 3 years ago

    Loving your hair in this video, you look so good! =D Ipsy bags seem so
    awesome, to bad you can’t get them in Europe yet =)

  • pinkglitter21100 3 years ago

    CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH YOUR VIDEOS AGAIN! I’ll have to bring my headphones
    next time I come to the library. 🙂 and just have a marathon!

  • Kelly lovestopaint 3 years ago

    I love the NYX cream blushes. I have tea rose also. Kelly

  • corey hungtintun 3 years ago

    for eye makeup use ponds cream…lather it on leave it for min, wipe it
    with baby cloth..everthing will melt like nothing u have ever seen. wash
    you face

  • chestnut638 3 years ago

    you are a natural beauty T

  • texanbritt 3 years ago

    Love, love love this video!! Looking forward to the promised eye make up
    remover vid!!:) you are the only YouTube person that I can spend 18 minutes

  • JessicaValle 3 years ago

    Girl I’m gonna be in Navarre working and vacationing in 2 weeks drive down
    and ill give you a killer smoky eye. Lol.

  • jeannie cheramie 3 years ago

    Your granddaughter would love that eyeshadow I got a large tube of there
    real as a birthday gift I didn’t like it I rather maybeline thanks for
    sharing God bless you

  • aTimeAsThis 3 years ago

    False lashes! I’ve been wanting to try them, too, but they all look so
    crazy! Girrrl, you gotta trim your own bangs! Between the purse thing we
    share and the bangs, you’re going to be the one to push me to do a video.
    You’ll notice I never did a purse video. I’m pitiful.

  • glitterchi glam 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. I also subscribed to Ipsy (3 mths now) & loving the
    surprises every month. I live in Toronto, Canada and there are so few ones
    that we can get here. My bag was a little different…I got the same bag,
    lip liner, highlighter and shadow but I got a Cailyn gel liner & Nyx powder
    blush. I just love the gel liner and blush. I was laughing when you made a
    comment about the glitter shadow because I’m in my 40’s and wouldn’t use it
    so I gave it to my daughter too =)

  • Prodan Claudia 3 years ago

    Can I use castor oil instead?

  • Elizabeth Grace Dailey 3 years ago

    that is soooo coool

  • Hanna Ramos 3 years ago


  • Abigail Ukinski 3 years ago

    Is there a difference between Aloe Vera water and normal Aloe Vera? Can I
    just use Aloe Vera???

  • Temi Danso 3 years ago

    Nice, I will be trying this out

  • Mayra Martinez 3 years ago

    I like to use Witch Hazel since it has too benefits to (H2O can be used as

  • swagg rayan 3 years ago

    please do more diys

  • nur aida 3 years ago

    wow , your skin like a baby , im jealous ><

  • Kitty Kat 3 years ago

    just get a makeup remover at khols. (ir was it tj max)

  • Andrea Calar 3 years ago

    Thank you Michelle. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very expensive in my side of
    the world and we don’t use it a lot in the kitchen, actually, never, so I
    use a combination of a non-whitening facial cleanser and baby oil for my
    DIY makeup remover. works fine for me, especially because I’m really big on
    liquid eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow. 

  • Queenette Obidike 3 years ago

    How do you store it? Do you refrigerate it?

  • Happi Leef 3 years ago

    Do you rinse your face after removing the makeup to remove excess oil?

  • Jenifer Andrews 3 years ago

    How do we store it?

  • Monet♡ 3 years ago

    I use virgin coconut oil

  • Mikayla Collins 3 years ago

    can you use aloe Vera jell instead of water.

  • lolo jb 3 years ago

    Can i but rose water insted of alovera 

  • Eva P 3 years ago

    Can i use normal water instead of Aloe Vera Water? pls answer thnx :)

  • Jade Gallego 3 years ago

    I found aloe vera water, but its the drinking kind, and i found aloe vera
    juice. will the drinking version be okay?

  • ♥GabbyLovezYou♥ 3 years ago

    hey Michelle, instead of using extra virgin olive oil, would vegetable oil
    or Avon skin so soft bath oil work also?

  • hamstertiff99 3 years ago

    Does it have to be Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

  • Gracie Miller 3 years ago

    If I’m allergic to Aloe Vera. what can I use instead?

  • may may li 3 years ago

    Can u use just regular canola oil or something?

  • Марьяна 3 years ago

    Russia for you!!!

  • greta gregorova 3 years ago

    cool, i need to try this!!! Thank u :*

  • maggie 3 years ago

    just go to sephora and buy some makeup remover. way easier

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