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  • Alan Oneal 3 years ago

    i do the same thing, but i eat the eggs raw because i cant stand the taste
    of rubbery eggs

  • Ger O'Mahony 3 years ago

    How many grams is in a cup of oats?

  • brati111 3 years ago

    powder..powder…powder….What to F….K is it ???

  • Erik Chandy Leber 3 years ago

    Good video. Though why everyone leaves out the Yolk. Yolk has really bad
    Myth to it. Its’ one of the best Natural Testerone Boosters and good
    other health nutrients. Diet Chlosterhol is not as evil as they thought. I
    pound Yolk my Chlosterhol levels are good. Overall is 170

  • aliciaelporve12646 3 years ago

    For fat loss?

  • David Moore 3 years ago

    I need something for hard gaining this doesn’t look like it would fill me

  • Monica P 3 years ago

    A guy that cooks and cleans up!?! .. Subscribe!

  • Muh Dik 3 years ago

    For bulking or cutting?

  • Tai Nguyen 3 years ago

    This guy is more cut than me so I have nothing I can say. 

  • Tim J P 3 years ago

    I heard eating eggs without the fat in the yolk makes the protein less
    available to the body 

  • MelonMan96 3 years ago

    Hahaha that ice cube bit was hilarious! Nice video, I just wanna point out
    a few things though: 1) microwaving food is bad for you. 2) So is canola
    oil. 3) those syrups may seem super healthy but have you actually checked
    the ingredients? They’re probably not. I guess having a little wouldn’t be
    so bad but still, a tbsp every morning adds up on your body. You seem very
    healthy besides that :)

  • JaylenisOnline 3 years ago

    Even the egg white contains most protein it is better to eat the whole egg
    with the yolk for added nutrients and protein

  • DR34MER777 3 years ago

    Thanks for the advice man

  • Bruce Wayne 3 years ago

    Is it possible to overload on manganese fron eating too much oatmeal or
    whole grain foods? Or will you get sick and tired of eating these foods
    before you overload?

  • D. Almeida 3 years ago

    How long will it be until your next meal?

  • Rellek 3 years ago

    DUDE I have the same scale as you!

  • Human runner 3 years ago

    This the worst breakfast I’ve ever seen. Have fun with high cholesterol and
    high blood pressure. 

  • Brian Edwards 3 years ago

    The Scout from Team fortress 2 has really bulked up.

  • Vallataa 3 years ago

    Does cocoa powder spike blood sugar?

  • Mike Gamble 3 years ago

    I am pretty sure I did something wrong, I put in a cup of oats, about a
    tablespoon of coco powder, some cinnamon and water and it turned out really
    dark and not sure if I just don’t like oatmeal or if its was gross.. Maybe
    I put too much water in? Idk, I suck at cooking Haha, it tasted better
    after I put in some peanut butter though. Anybody know what I could of done

  • greekhop 3 years ago

    Imma try the maple syrup on the eggs, sounds good. I put some barbecue
    sauce on my eggs on occasion, its awesome. But man, your ingredients, so
    unatural, its unhealthy long term, not for your muscles, but for other
    reasons. Egg whites from a carton, I didnt even know that existed!
    The microwave, sigh… The no-nothing chocolate syrup? I cringe to think
    whats in that, bound to be worse than the natural calorie-having
    alternative. I reccomend more stuff that comes in a recognizable
    unprocessed natural form, or at least with no preservatives and engineered

  • gilttfabio 3 years ago

    this guy is stupid i believe before he decided to jump on fitness, he used
    to eat junk food. he confused me when he put syrup on his white eggs! Also,
    lazy ass guy for cooking eggs in the microwave

  • Alex A 3 years ago

    oh yeah, healthier than mc donalds. Microwaving eggs every morning. The
    other day I saw that guy from six pack shortcut giving people a wonderful
    tip: to eat faster, like if you were to miss the night train.

  • Wyatt Eli 3 years ago

    body building meal? yeah this is good food ideas mate.. but your not big
    85kg is not bulk your skinny

  • WatchYaze 3 years ago

    why are there so many dislikes?

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