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  • mavilla221 3 years ago

    Mexico! : / be very careful, not that safest country. Just being

  • hellojerree 3 years ago

    From my experience u will spend a lot of time in a bathing suit and coverup
    as well as little sun dressess and a couple of long evening dresses. Really
    loved the tank top dress so cute, but the long white capris will prob be
    too hot. Stick to shorts. U look amazing anyways so u can wear everything
    well including shorts:) Have fun:)

  • Mermaid Mom 3 years ago

    Angie you are built like model so everything looked wonderful. Was fun for
    us to see. I think leave the lace dress home it is too dressy. Also was
    not wild about the skirt w/slit. Take one long pair of pants that could be
    your travel pants. Take a layer piece in case it is cool at night. Bring
    a couple good bathing suit coverups that will be appropriate to walk from
    beach/pool back to your room Things are super casual. Flip flops are
    perfect. Wear your walking shoes on the plane. You will love it. Have

  • MsSam66ok 3 years ago

    PS, I eat grilled fish tacos the entire time I am there and guacamole! You
    can walk to the other resorts and all their food is delicious! You can even
    get a massage on the beach! I highly recommend that!

  • bizybee65 3 years ago

    Angie you look great in them all ! You have a great figure, show off those
    legs girl ! I would probably leave the black lace dress that was more
    formal at home unless you have a planned event for it, I find that I end up
    not wearing those. Loved that maxi dress on you! Have a fun trip! –Anne 

  • SimplyJanet 3 years ago

    HHmm, I wouldn’t take the maxi or pants, because I would wear a bit bolder
    color maxi for Mexico. Liven it up a bit. The pants would be to hot for
    you. The black one with the hi-low affect, I would take as a special
    evening dress. The one that showed your bra, I would wear as a beach cover.
    Don’t leave those Coach shoes at home missy :). Loved the short outfits and
    tops. Take the white cropped pants. Outside of that, your good to go! Don’t
    forget the sunscreen and have a great time! Hugs, Janet

  • Twirly Skirt 3 years ago

    I have been going to Riviera Maya every spring for the last 8 years with my
    family and we absolutely love it! You will have so much fun! You have a
    fabulous figure and everything looks great on you. Since you want to weed
    out one of the dresses, I would eliminate the black lacy one that you feel
    unsure of anyway. I like the Coach sandals better than the wedges with
    that dress you asked about which shoe. As far as wrinkles go, I always pack
    a bottle of Downy Wrinkle Release (comes in travel size at Target). It
    works really well. This was a fun video. You will be so pretty in whatever
    you wear! Enjoy your fun in the sun!

  • VictoriasRoses 3 years ago

    Oh yes I also have to tell you about wrinkles in fabric. At Target there is
    a spray product to take out the wrinkles by Downy – Downy Wrinkle Releaser.
    It is wonderful! I took it to Hawaii last two years and I am hooked on it
    even here at home when I am in a pinch. Just put it in a travel spray

  • MissVVanity 3 years ago

    Not a fan of the first dress. Second one looks really nice (with darker
    shoes). Third one is just ok. Fourth is nice for beach cover-up but not for
    going out. Love maxi dress.Evening outfits with blouses are nice.For white
    pants, I always prefer skinny fit instead of bootcut. Colorful skirt
    outfits are cute.Last outfit is a bit too boyish for my taste. Overall
    nice clothes and I like your style!

  • Ann4U2000 3 years ago

    The maxi was perfect. The others…cute but short for my taste. The white
    capris outfit was both classy and age appropriate. Loved it! Shorts look
    cute, and shorts are suppose to be short. So no worries there. I’d skip the
    scarves completely, even at night its too warm for them. I’ve been where
    you’re going and you are going to LOVE it! Have a great time!

  • TIffany Oakes 3 years ago

    I love all these choices!! You look gorgeous! You are fit and beautiful –
    wear it! You sound like me about working out!

  • jo34576 3 years ago

    Angie I’ve heard that putting tissue paper in between your clothes before
    you fold them it really helps with wrinkling. I’ve never tried it but I
    saw it on some television show or something. Also Downy Wrinkle Releaser
    is a real must on a trip for getting wrinkles out. I use this at home
    too. All of your outfits look cute but I love the white jeans, shorts,
    maxi skirt the first dress for sure. Don’t know if any of this helped but
    I tried. lol Have a great vacation. Hugs Jo

  • 83pavs 3 years ago

    Pretty clothes Angie! Have a great time =) xoxo~Peggy

  • Mrs Gingers Beauty Channel 3 years ago

    The maxi dress looked amazing! You have a fantastic figure but short
    dresses aren’t my culpa tea. You look fantastic in both the white jeans
    outfits and the black shorts & top also looked gorgeous. Great video, hope
    you get the help you need to pack :0) Have a great holiday. xx

  • Elle Is For Living 3 years ago

    I loved all your outfits and your style but, for Mexico I wouldn’t take the
    first dress as Mexico is very casual. I think the black one with the
    ruffled hem is flowy and airy and could still work in Mexico vs the first
    one which is more streamlined. For the blue dress that showed your bra,
    what about wearing a tank under it instead of the bra (or as well as)
    Loved the long maxi one. You may find the pants too warm. This was a fun
    idea for a video. I hope you have a FABULOUS time. ♥ Elle

  • GoingCoen 3 years ago

    Work it! haha

  • MissCrystal 3 years ago

    Even though you have a great figure, #1 is too short and I agree with your
    thoughts. Go with your gut on that one. #3 yes for beach cover. The maxi is
    great and perfect for where you’re going! Depending on the exact resort,
    most all-inclusive’s have different restaurants and the dress code may
    change. Some will be casual, some will be more dressy. Some may not allow
    shorts at night. I use Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes and the Envelopes. You can
    get them at the Container Store or Amazon. I have no issues with things
    moving or wrinkles. They are a must have! Have fun!

  • TheHipChickOnline 3 years ago

    Hi Angie, I pack the exact same way by putting everything on the bed and
    trying it all on. My husband thinks I’m nuts!!! You look great in all of
    the clothes – I like the #2 dress best and #4 for beach coverup. Your legs
    were made for shorts!! Looking FAB! Have a wonderful trip. XOXO 

  • 7llazaren 3 years ago

    The weather will be very humid and you will maybe the silk may
    stick to you You can go as casual as you want.. I would wear the shorts
    over the pants. The black maybe to dressy but beautiful.Just put a bikini
    top under the James P dress. All you choices look amazing on you..Take a
    good book, hat, sunscreen and relax and enjoy enjoy enjoy. Oh and if you
    use Retin A you can just buy it over the counter…. 

  • Beth Pineau 3 years ago

    Angie, I loved all of your casual wear. As far as the white jeans the full
    length flair had some amazing wow factor. I am a little concerned about not
    seeing hats. You will be so comfortable in dealing with sun protection with
    hats. I know your main beauty item is sunscreen! Have a great trip. Only
    drink bottled water even on your resort.

  • Hengameh A 3 years ago

    All inclusive vacations are great and relaxing .my favorite type of
    vacation. Have fun .I always take a dress for each night . So i would take
    them all but I never took any long pants or sweater! It is too hot and
    sticky over there for those! Don’t forget to pack aleo vera gel for
    possible sun burn first days no matter how much sun block you wear. Have a
    great time!

  • MsCavalier01 3 years ago

    OMG, I want your figure, Angie! You look beautiful in all of the outfits.
    Hugs, Colleen xox :-)

  • allegra1952 3 years ago

    to me you are great in all outfit. How get rid of wrinkle on clothes? Just
    have a steam in the bathroom and hang all the clothes there for a while.
    Wrinkles will fade away in half an hour!…doesn’t work on skin wrinkles
    :-)…have a nice holiday, Angie xoxo

  • rxstrmom 3 years ago

    OMG Angie…how in the world do you think I can help you when I can’t even
    pick travel clothes for myself????? My only suggestion…Sally Hanson Leg
    Makeup…xoxo patti

  • HotandFlashy 3 years ago

    HI Everybody~ I just wanted to say Thank You for all your advice, opinions,
    and comments! You’ve really helped me to decide what to take on the trip!!
    You are the kindest, most wonderful audience to take the time to watch and
    then leave such thoughtful answers! I appreciate each and every one of you,
    and I’ll miss you next week. I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll see
    you when I get back. xo ~angie

  • Kristen Paul 3 years ago

    I use Mac painterly every single day too. Even if I hardly wear any makeup
    I put it on just to even out my skin tone on my eye lids. I love that

  • sunluvingal1 3 years ago

    Simply beautiful! Loved it!

  • Laurie Richter 3 years ago

    good job, always very subtle and natural makeup you do…but I would LOVE
    just once to see you go full on dramatic and glam, a little less
    sporty…you could really pull it off being so youthful and
    attractive…pretty please just for fun do a no holds barred face lip and
    eyes, lots of colour and coverage…obviously not clownish but just really
    dramatic, would be awesome! thanks.

  • MsCavalier01 3 years ago

    Hi Angie! This is such a natural, beautiful look! You look absolutely
    amazing! Thank you for sharing this! Those eyeliners look so nice on you!
    Just nice and soft! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Colleen xox :-)

  • danapride 3 years ago

    That foundation looks lovely on you, Angie. I like that you can still see
    your skin through it. I, also, would love to see a hair tutorial with the
    products you are now using. Your hair is looking awesome!~Dana

  • Gale Ann 3 years ago

    Very nice! I have learned so much from watching all you ladies with hooded
    eyes. Each one of you have a myriad of techniques to hide the hood and make
    your eyes look wonderful.

    As far as using a 15x mirror……I have to since my eye sight is bad. But
    I try not to dwell on all the wrinkles the mirror exposes…lol. I keep in
    mind that when people look at me, they usually see no more than a 5x (if
    they are up close & personal).


  • Lisa Ferris 3 years ago

    You look fantastic without makeup as well as with makeup!

  • theclosetshopper 3 years ago

    Thank you so much. I’m going to do this look tomorrow. I have everything
    you used including the same brushes!! I don’t know why that made me all
    excited but it did. haha. Have a great weekend.

  • BlueHorseYellowCow 3 years ago

    Angie, what a great everyday-subtle-but-gorgeous look! Thanks for being so
    detailed and thorough! Fantastic video. xo Linda

  • TIffany Oakes 3 years ago

    I am so glad to find you! I am 60 and am aways looking for more age
    appropriate tutorials. Thank you and I am off to get a 15x mirror!

  • MsKristinn321 3 years ago

    Nice look, so simple and understated, yet very beautiful and natural.
    Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  • kalipaus2 by Amy Miranda 3 years ago

    You look amazing.. but I noticed you don’t have hooded eyelids..:0)

  • Elle Is For Living 3 years ago

    Good video. Beautiful. Would love the hair tutorial. I hope you are
    having a good weekend and maybe enjoying a touch of spring. ♥ Elle

  • theteal123 3 years ago

    Thanks for always answering my questions! Your makeup looks beautiful.
    What about the lorac concealer, I just bought it today. Should I get the
    one that you used on this video? Is it better than the lorac? Also is the
    it foundation better than the estee lauder?

  • BK Swanson 3 years ago

    Thank you for showing nyx blush in “peach” have been looking at them
    online and it sure doesn’t look the same online, it looks much prettier in
    your video, more pink/mauve?? Anyway trying to decide between the peach or
    mauve nyx blush!!

  • takesmorethanmakeup 3 years ago

    Angie, have you switched from Timeless vitamin C to Paula’s Choice?

  • angelfoodcake1979 3 years ago

    Your videos are unbelievably informative. Love it! I have a question about
    your eyeliner on the lid. I have never managed to find one that does not
    print into my hood after an hour of wear. Is this Makeup Forever one really
    worth it? After trying so many I am reluctant to try an expensive one. I
    have slightly oily, hooded lids.

  • Maria Li 3 years ago

    Angie, I find myself watching your videos preferentially above those made
    by gurus my own age. You are so down to earth and sensible. I would love to
    see a make up collection video. I personally don’t have a huge collection
    and would like to keep it that way, would love to see how you approach
    makeup purchasing and storage.

  • annieoscar 3 years ago

    Would love the hair tutorial! I have a couple of questions; how does the
    Mac paint pot affect crepey eyelids? How do you think the PC C15 compares
    to Timeless Vit. C-E-Ferulic Acid? Thanks Angie – I always enjoy your

  • MsSam66ok 3 years ago

    Your skin looks sooo good Angie! Such a beautiful woman without makeup! I
    even learned a new trick from you today! About not doing the “rainbow”
    motion! I just turned 48 and I swear I notice almost weekly that my eyelids
    are changing (and not for the better lol!). You are such a doll to share
    your tips! Thank you!

  • theteal123 3 years ago

    Did you get the brush with the it foundation for free? I was at Ulta and
    they said that the brush was $48.00. I just bought the it foundation
    today, but I did not get a free brush.

  • delacotta360 3 years ago

    Gad, the Clearasil sue brought back memories. Love your product –
    reasonable prices! Lordy, you look about 17 without makeup! Ew, I’m with
    you, I hate sticky eyelids! Isn’t it amazing how we as good friends show
    where all our flaws are? This was wonderful to see how you do all your
    tricks. OH, I love the way you brush on the crease color!! Pretty lip
    color. Love you, S

  • kazakhbaby2002 3 years ago

    Hi Angie, I have redness similar to yours. Is it more from years of sun

  • ayshe sultan 3 years ago

    and where i can find IT Cosmetics here or maybe on net? i would try them..i
    m a beauty blogger

  • SugarPuffAndFluff 3 years ago

    Funny how we all put our make on in different order. Yes I would love to
    see you putting make up ABOVE your eyebrow lol lol. Lovely look Angie.
    xoxo Nisha

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