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  • ones twos 3 years ago

    i stopped eating fried foods, except for very rare instances. cooking the
    oil makes it harmful and is, according to some doctors, the main reason for
    plaque buildup in arteries. so i hard boil eggs, a dozen at a time, and
    they’re ready for me when i want them. poaching works too, but it’s harder
    to manage. soft-scrambling is supposed to be acceptable too but i think
    i’ll stick with hard-boiled eggs–they’re a good late snack too.

  • Niko Nikolic 3 years ago

    Hi , Im 17 years old and I train Muay Thai and I have been wondering if I
    can eat protein shakes.

    I always had this image in my head that if I eat protein shakes I will get
    large and big which isnt necessarily good for my tipe of sport.

    So does protein shakes make you alot bigger than you were, to a level that
    is to my disadvantage?

    Please answer. Thank you

    PS: Sorry bad english :D

  • Brad verona 3 years ago

    why not just use a lid haha 

  • slash2jimi 3 years ago

    Too much protein

  • Syed GHAZI 3 years ago

    YO i have an alergic reaction to eggs what should i do i get acne 

  • ccnt89 3 years ago

    You do know that one egg yolk( the yellow) has well well over your RDA of
    cholesterol !!!
    This is an awful breakfast that’s not only dangerous for ones health but
    also creates high blood pressure
    Guys and girls
    Just stick to egg whites only !
    Oat meal
    Whole meal toast
    Cottage cheese
    And other low cholesterol proteins
    And if u need extra carbs just get 2 scoops of maltodextrin powder (
    complex carb) will give u over 50 g’s easy
    And way healthier than this
    Even though he says he don’t eat it every day
    If u have 4 egg yellows a week just measure ur cholesterol and blood
    pressure and you’ll see the before and after results
    U heard here first 

  • jmagee234 3 years ago

    i heard your body can only absorb 30 grams of protein per sitting. Is that

  • goldmineadvantage 3 years ago

    What’s up with the chocolate bars on the back?

  • Michael Dodd 3 years ago

    What’s wrong with your beef?

  • MrDingleSauce 3 years ago

    Why not just flip the fucking eggs and make them over medium?

  • jane ries 3 years ago

    not concerned about carbs?! 60g of protein in one meal??! an average
    person will never be able to digest more than 20-30 g protein of any kind
    in one go… get some life.

  • JakeEwing5 3 years ago

    60 grams of protein in 4 eggs? Uh no, that’s like 24 grams.

  • Ryan Pueblo 3 years ago

    just flip the fuckin eggs dude

  • Mike W. 3 years ago

    now thats how u eat.

  • Haris Iqbal 3 years ago

    correction: this video is about cooking the perfect sunny side up.

  • Easy Cooking 3 years ago

    chk out simple protein recipe on my channel easy cooking……

  • Randal Calcote 3 years ago

    The egg trick is news to me; I like it.

  • Mareks Perkons 3 years ago

    you dont get salmonella from egg itself but from eggs outer shell so you
    can eat runny/raw aggs as much as you want

  • SuperSayanFitness 3 years ago

    so yolks are bad huh? :))))))))))

  • WhereTheLoud 3 years ago

    I followed you because you said “be safe” and it sounded sincere. And I
    like your content, but that’s beside the point. 

  • Nunya Dambidnis 3 years ago

    that’s a very nice stove. Cool purple heating coils

  • Survivor97 3 years ago

    That looks delicious man! 🙂 I will try that! 

  • Ramy Haddad 3 years ago

    I there any serious problem of drinking raw eggs ( both egg white and yolk)
    or adding them to protein shake ?

  • reints74 3 years ago

    Good trick with the eggs…always wondered how to get rid of the runny!

  • so I see people eat raw eggs from reading the comments.. wtf is wrong with
    these people?

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