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  • maxiwai 3 years ago

    Hi lee i dont have quick oat, what else option to use? Can i use french
    vanilla scoop from usana? 

  • maxxsee 3 years ago

    I do this in a pot. Been doing for some years. Not as welltrained as this
    gentleman, but it’s tasty.
    I do about the same recipie and flavors.
    How I do it in a pot is adding water and oatmeal like usual and some salt
    and the proteinpowder and just stur.
    I usually add a bit less water than recipie (atleast in swe) since I don’t
    like it running or having to cook it longer than a few min.
    Then I just eat with milk and apple sauce.
    I haven’t tried the bran might try that!
    Once cooked and transfered to pale immediately put pan under water so it’s
    easy to clean later.

  • carson elliott 3 years ago

    Your muscle building coach! Lee Haywood and also your grocery store tip

  • Fa1c0 3 years ago

    I used ground flax seed in place of the oat bran.

  • MrGame1985Over 3 years ago

    it’s damn good , thankx

  • makeupgirl161 3 years ago

    I add flax seed, chia seeds, cinnamon and organic honey. I also add cocoa
    powder if I want it chocolatey

  • Amanda Terry 3 years ago

    Very similar to my own. Thanks for your videos!

  • Rob Collins 3 years ago

    I eat this every morning. 1/2 cup raw oats, 1 scoop whey protein, cinnamon
    and 1 tablespoon honey.

  • fergie penman 3 years ago

    Its good like thanks 

  • SotamFireX 3 years ago

    Instead of hot water, I tend to use low-fat milk. Is that ok?

  • Helmi Brown 3 years ago

    hahahahaha!! why do speak like that man

  • kenwyne67 3 years ago

    Can this be done with any packaged Oats? I have some which are recommended
    to be cooked by bringing a mixture of Water and Oats to the boil- could I
    just use them to cook this recipe in the video? 

  • Jessie Robideau 3 years ago

    I love it,using strawberry flavor and it’s pretty good,next I’ll try

  • danny kush 3 years ago

    This guy looks like steve-o

  • Christopher Wortham 3 years ago

    Sounds good.

  • Pedro Anselmo 3 years ago

    Oatmeal + hazelnut milk + coconut milk + redfruits + protein powder +
    cinnamon = heaven

  • Isabella Cronley 3 years ago

    Want something really good? Make this, then break up a cinnamon bun quest
    bar and throw it in. Ur welcome:)

  • thareen roshen 3 years ago

    thanx bro..

  • Peter Kelly 3 years ago

    add cottage cheese and you’re in business!

  • Nate P 3 years ago

    Where do you buy Oatmeal from? 

  • Talal Yousif 3 years ago

    hello lee, could u please suggest for me some good meals to eat for dinner?
    im on a diet and trying to build muscle without gaining anymore fat so, is
    this high carbs oat meal ok for dinner?

  • Luis Ruiz 3 years ago

    +SotamFireX he Said Hot Water Not milk you fucking prick did you watch the

  • Jom DeeAsian 3 years ago

    I prefer that meal as a Pre workout since I already have my protein shake
    after my workout or my post workout

  • Ramy El-desouki 3 years ago

    Thanks man really helped a lot 

  • DR34MER777 3 years ago

    can you use milk instead?

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