You don’t need to dish out all of your money on a high-end, salmon colored under-eye corrector. I did a little experiment on my blue under-eyes and it TOTALL… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • Mariana Blueshine 3 years ago

    I have the exact same problem! Finally I found someone with my kind of
    under eye circles. In all the videos i’ve watched, no girl actually had the
    same translucent skin, veiny under eyes like me.

  • Sanjana Barua 3 years ago

    You have such beautiful eyes! Gorgeous blue eyes and that too big ones! 🙂
    And fantastic video (y)

  • Laura Williams 3 years ago

    This is such a wonderful tip. I used to love just playing around with make
    up in my teens (I’m 28 in a matter of weeks – suddenly feeling a bit
    ancient!) – I was lucky to have a sister in law who was a hairdresser /
    beautician at the time who taught my 13 year old curious self little tips &
    tricks, most have been forgotten in my foggy brain but back then, eyeshadow
    was all the rage – & when I reached 16 (the age we leave high school here
    in the UK!) that’s only when I really wore any type of powder / a little
    foundation on my under eyes & taught myself how to use eyeliner (on special
    occasions!) I have awful hereditary eye bags (cheers mum!) that sink under
    my eyes, I’ve been unwell for a few years due to health reasons & the last
    thing you want to do is put make up on, but I’ve recently really wanted to
    start getting make up bits again, I couldn’t believe how much is on the
    market now & how expensive so many things are (most of which isn’t needed!)
    Definitely going to try this, I have the blue veins too as well as very
    dark deep sunken bags which are a pain to cover. Thank you for this!
    Oh & also – I read your comment below about ANTM – can’t speak for you or
    others but you’re so stunningly beautiful, that show is pants in degrading
    people’s self worth. If you ever want to get into modelling or cat walks,
    start a portfolio up, there’s a lot of freelance photographers out there
    who are needing to build there’s up too – always go with a trusted friend
    or loved one, but those in training will do your photos for free. Style
    your hair & make up, look up YouTube videos on tips / tricks on poses /
    styles. Check out thecherrydollface – although she’s more pinup related,
    she has a section about getting into modelling & they will still serve a
    purpose. A portfolio will serve you well if you ever wanted to go into that
    area – ANTM has a terrible habit of really degrading some women & severely
    editing the show. You’re stunning, you don’t need things like that. Best
    wishes! Xx

  • Jay Borges 3 years ago

    Woah girl you got some puffy eyes ! Lol make you to drink plenty of water

  • Luna Solara 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this, I’ll definitely be trying this! :)

  • CJ knose 3 years ago

    Another trick is to put a peachy mat blush high on your cheek bones…
    helps to counter the lower blue circle.

  • Dani Mark 3 years ago

    thanks for this, i have been having the same problem, veiny under eyes, and
    i have been covering it up with yellow concealer and it wasn’t working. I
    will try this ASAP! thanks again

  • Laura Lestrange 3 years ago

    Your color eye is like so perfect

  • MegaGary1960 3 years ago

    thanks for that im a guy with the same problem and im off to the chemist to
    get some make up cheers great personality by the way

  • Sandra P. 3 years ago

    Thanx1 i have t this problem too. some people use the maybelline color
    tattoo in the orange shade. But I’m gonna try this!

  • Julie M 3 years ago

    thanks so much for sharing im gonna try this as hate my dark circles and
    really is starting to wreck my confidence 

  • Alexis Lexie 3 years ago

    Wow! I actually do see the difference!

  • bocahnyasar91 3 years ago

    Does orange blusher will work…?

  • MirroRMimi 3 years ago

    Subbing :D! Excellent tip, I hope it works for me!

  • Andrea Nicolle 3 years ago

    what did u use for dark circles?

  • Keri Klein 3 years ago

    Dude. Are u under 26? Your look screams ANTM if you don’t model already 

  • Kay Thxbye 3 years ago

    I like your genuine-like personality. Doesn’t sound commercial or robotic
    like other youtubers :P

  • lindalovesmusic1 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing, it deff made a difference and you are sweet, thank you!

  • Rebecca Benson 3 years ago

    you have the prettiest eyelashes ugh

  • yobi8 3 years ago

    liquid on top of a powder in theory is a nightmare anyway, this on
    aging/dry under eyes would be a horror show and in this video the orange
    barely showed up anyway, and once you swept “the excess” away with a brush
    it didn’t show at all. Maybe you could see a difference in person but on
    this video it’s a FAIL.

  • Melissa Hancock 3 years ago

    hello thank you for this idea of putting the opp color on the color wheel .
    I have really purple red ish under eye color the green one makes me look
    grey I AM gonna try a yellowish color. I AM” really happy this worked
    well for you looks really good and gives you a nice glow as we.
    you have Beautiful big eyes , like my daughter

  • EbonyGirlSpeaks Beauty Naturally 3 years ago

    this is a great tip to share. i’ve been thinking of other things I can use
    that would be inexpensive and this may be it. tfs.

  • moonsovermysun 3 years ago

    you should try the pixi correction concentrate! its a really really orange
    corrector that works insanely well for me. i have INTENSE dark circles and
    it does amazing things. 

  • solidcatink 3 years ago

    🙂 you are funny and cute.

  • Igore1907 3 years ago

    Using orange lipstick under your concealer is an old trick for dark
    circles. I think it would be easier to use lipstick because the powder
    eyeshadow would move too much when you cover it with concealer.

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