I know this isn’t your typical back to school look, but honestly, I was NEVER natural looking in high school; I always wore dark eyeliner and lots of black eye shadow so in a way, this is toned… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • fancifulimpression 2 years ago

    I love this makeup look! I kind of have an bohemian edgy style so a more
    bohemian look would be awesome as well! wow you would never you have all
    those freckles!

  • Breanna Ashley 2 years ago

    I wish I had dry skin, my skin is oily as hell 🙁

  • Sabrina Dewald 2 years ago

    love this look and i would definitively wear this to school/college 🙂

  • Sarah Hawkinson 2 years ago

    I will be doing a skin care routine soon! 🙂

  • Lauren Logan 2 years ago

    i used to have perfect skin in middle school through like 10th grade and i
    wore no face makeup, just a ton of mascara and a bit of eyeliner on my
    waterline, but now my skin has some breakouts and unevenness in senior year
    and i wear concealer powder bronzer and just mascara. Yep they do change

  • graciemelody 2 years ago


  • StarfruitDottedBubbl 2 years ago

    U should have kept ur bangs they were awesome, and this color.

  • Simply_Krystal 2 years ago

    This is much more like something I would wear to school. I loooove my black
    liner! Thanks so much for posting :)

  • pika pika 2 years ago

    you look like julia stone

  • Almenhorst 2 years ago


  • Daniela Del Mar 2 years ago

    You’re so pretty!

  • Isa Rod 2 years ago

    What color is your hair… I love it ❕❗

  • Maria Moreno 2 years ago

    Your hair tho , I love the color

  • Almenhorst 2 years ago


  • claratsz 2 years ago

    Like* this, too*

  • maceysucks 2 years ago

    I have hooded lids too :/

  • claratsz 2 years ago

    I LOVE this! I always wear my makeup lile this, too?

  • Violet Smith 2 years ago

    I love her freckles ^.^

  • Jackie Taggart 2 years ago

    Hey Sarah- I was wondering if I could just use the comfort zone bronze
    color instead of Bad To Bronze, because I don’t have that. I am planning to
    do this look for back to school- which is tomorrow. 🙂 By the way- I love
    your channel!

  • Sam Bonavita 2 years ago

    You look so different with and without your bangs

  • J.J Brightstar 2 years ago

    I love the edgy look thats what i’m wearing for school

  • Diana Valentina 2 years ago


  • Ehm Shellars 2 years ago

    I hope I don’t accidentally cut myself on the edge if I wear this.

  • Paula Way 2 years ago


  • vprox147 2 years ago

    wait, you live in the UK? how come you don’t have an accent?

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