Today, I talk dirty to you guys while doing my makeup.. Or just regular talk to you guys… Nothing dirty.. Don’t even know why I mentioned that. Oh well! En… Related


  • Lisette Vdb 3 years ago

    nice bike behind u´╗┐

  • TwoYearsEightMonths 3 years ago

    You are SO PRETTY! Loved this makeup look, you are just amazing! You are
    such a huge inspiration for my sister and I’s channel!! We love your videos
    so much!! ­čÖé xoxo ´╗┐

  • MakeupJunkie0000 3 years ago

    I have a tarte eyeshadow palette that is like that. Half of the eyeshadows
    will not come off with a brush or a finger´╗┐

  • Alyssa F 3 years ago

    Whenever i use liquid eyeliner, if i get the lines uneven it seems to be
    more noticeable from when i use the pencil, so I don’t know if this is just
    me but i prefer the eyeliner pencils o.O.´╗┐

  • catherine gong 3 years ago

    “white elephant that” AHA´╗┐

  • GuineaPigSecretsUK 3 years ago

    Not gonna lie I love the whole routine except the brows, they’re cartoon

  • latina4evaX7 3 years ago

    I definitely like this way more than liquid eyeliner. It makes your eyes
    pop and stand out more, I think.´╗┐

  • Niamh Sutton 3 years ago

    I literally have the same problem with that bronzer too. It’s really
    annoying ugh´╗┐

  • savannahandstuff 3 years ago

    I like the bike.´╗┐

  • Tessa Rae 3 years ago

    You’re literally the only person I could sit and listen to and be
    constantly entertained.´╗┐

  • Mackenzie Brooke 3 years ago

    having your period is just mother nature stabbing you in the vagina. Not
    cool mother nature´╗┐

  • Harolin Mejia 3 years ago

    “Maybe I put too much blush on but I dont care” 5 sec. later …. yup that
    was too much”lol luv your videos´╗┐

  • Jaspreet Sidhu 3 years ago

    What is the mascara called and where from?´╗┐

  • StephLovesTheBeauty 3 years ago

    How have I only just found your channel? You’re frickin amazing ´╗┐

  • AmourGlamourfied 3 years ago

    Omg where did you get your shirt/dress????´╗┐

  • t33ngoth 3 years ago

    yoooo not all women have periods and not all people who have periods are
    women :))) friendly reminder´╗┐

  • Natalie Ann 3 years ago

    hahah can i regift the period? hahaha ´╗┐

  • Amy Comstock 3 years ago

    am i the only one who noticed that she forgot to contour half of her face?

  • MissEbbyGirl 3 years ago

    That eyebrow primer tip couldn’t have been better timed. I’ve been smearing
    mine off lately and this just saved me, thank you!´╗┐

  • ajmazing 3 years ago

    I’m a boy… I just don’t understand why girls need makeup everyday, BOYS
    DONT WEAR ANYTHING!!! It makes me…oh forget it ´╗┐

  • Miss Know-It-All 3 years ago

    I hate when that layer thing happens. It happened to my urban decay setting
    powder right after I bought it. I ended up scratching the surface to get

  • Mikayla Bone 3 years ago

    I think that little layer on your powder might come from leftover unblended
    foundation and oils from your skin that transfer onto your product from the
    powder brush. I have the same problem now, but it only started happening
    once I switched from just wearing BareMinerals pressed powder foundation
    over primer to wearing a liquid foundation under that. Not sure what the
    best solution would be other than just to wait a little extra time and use
    blotting paper to remove excess oil from your face after applying
    foundation and before applying powder. It also helps to put a little loose
    powder over your foundation before going in with a heavier pressed or
    translucent powder. I am not a professional by any means though, so that’s
    just a suggestion. ´╗┐

  • Jessica Fritz 3 years ago

    What was the thing she said when she called her blush the more *_* version
    of the bobbi brown shimmer brick. She said some word but I didn’t know
    what the word was. She said it at like 4:54´╗┐

  • Arden Rose 3 years ago

    Talk dirty to me *cue saxophone*´╗┐

  • kelly grime 3 years ago

    Wher me did you get your shirt?´╗┐

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