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  • allaroundbeauty21 2 years ago

    Your tutorial was great!

  • BeautyBeast〈3 2 years ago

    So helpful! Thanks <3

  • Melanie M. 2 years ago

    Loved the tutorial,Lauren.Thanks so much for doing it.Really needed it <3

  • decryunderscore 2 years ago

    3:09 Love your smile

  • Lale Smith 2 years ago

    Thank you so much I really didnt know how to do my makeup :)

  • Felicia Salvina 2 years ago

    I watched this video more than 5x, and i dont know why i really like this

  • anjum khanam 2 years ago

    very nice good and thanks

  • Yeyh0ran 2 years ago

    Ugh I’m so ugly this probaly won’t look good on a fat girl like me but good
    tot urial

  • Imogen Tate 2 years ago

    She reminds me a bit of zoella 

  • Zoey Blue 2 years ago

    This is very helpful thank you so much p.s you don’t need makeup your very
    pretty without out it

  • Kimberly Norman 2 years ago

    You’re so pretty you could go without makeup! I love your eyes as well, so

  • Rori McGregor 2 years ago

    U attuly have perfect skin!

  • anjum khanam 2 years ago

    you are very good and nice

  • Pijja Nuna 2 years ago

    imma a hijabber but i love your style! Nice, love it!

  • Kristin Haight 2 years ago

    youre so pretty c:

  • Magdalena Piña 2 years ago

    you are so adorableee ! <3 lol I love this video c; thumbs up babygirl c:

  • Jade ann jose 2 years ago

    i love your hair!!!!!

  • Elise Flickinger 2 years ago

    Love it

  • Yassieannie X 2 years ago

    This is really good. You’re so pretty!

  • Savannah Kay 2 years ago

    Your gorgeous 

  • Cara S 2 years ago

    Where did you get your shirt? I love it!

  • italia folco 2 years ago

    Your eyes are beautiful !

  • Aya khalil 2 years ago

    Love it ! btw add me guys :)

  • Mia Scholz 2 years ago

    Why were you wearing mascara the whole time? 

  • Guadalupe Castaneda 2 years ago

    You’re soo pretty like how

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