Everyday Perfect Bun Updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

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25 Replies to “Everyday Perfect Bun Updo Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial”

  1. Joanne Tran

    i got one last year and i still cant do it its bc u have more slikey hair
    and it can fit right in their

  2. frances felan channel

    My hair hits my shoulder. what kind of hair dos can I do to it besides
    ponnytails iwant something like a bun but it looks like an upside down
    crescent tipe bun im 40 years old and I just want to feel good about the
    way my hair looks.can you please help me?
    From Frances

  3. Kassy Rose

    Omg! ive seen this little bun maker on ebay for so long!! Now that ive
    seen it in action i think i might end up buying it :P

  4. NinaYsabel

    Hi everyone I recently posted a bun tutorial.!! If u have time maybe u
    could check it out and give me feedback? If not thats ok too :)) thanks xx

  5. Bethany Kenzie

    Were do u get that hair thingy from not the bun the other thing can’t find
    it anywhere please help me 

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