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  • chloe ellen ainsworth 3 years ago

    i dislike my legs and neeed to tone up before going on holiday, finding
    this has really really motivated me to begin working on them, thankyou

  • MalodyFalcon1996 3 years ago

    wow, u trying to kill me?

  • Zarxyigt55210 3 years ago

    There is one thing im wondering how come People could have such an
    excellent bones that they Could put their legs up to the head cause like
    Everytime i tried my bones are always hurting me like If it was at my
    maximum and i can’t do more!

  • Tsion Nerea 3 years ago


  • Gabbie Lillo 3 years ago

    how many times should i do this routine?

  • VGerring 3 years ago

    TYVM. I was about to order Brazil Butt Lift.

  • Lumbermen24x24 3 years ago

    Anyone else see the Hollywood sign????? Lol

  • Lindseyfreerealms 3 years ago

    thank you this helps me alot 🙂

  • Ruth Morissaint 3 years ago

    good exercise and help to burn calories in your body.

  • blk rose 3 years ago

    I eat then work out and also work out afterwards 🙂

  • MUBASHAR ALI 3 years ago

    goood job….good video……

  • amruta kulkarni 3 years ago

    hii..this is a nice video… i am 22 years and have 40+ size of my hips and
    thighs. i go walking and jogging every day and every evening for 1 hour.
    also do lots of lower body stretching for 30 minutes every morning and
    evening. i maintain a very light diet. i do lunges, squats pushups, situps,
    sun salutations but have not acquired desired results. i have been doing
    this schedule for 2 months. i am really depressed because of the results.
    my height is 5ft approximately and i weigh 64kg. plz help

  • Minnie Mouse 3 years ago


  • fitappy 3 years ago

    @dbskluvu 2-3 times a week should be enough

  • blk rose 3 years ago

    Just do 2 times a day in the morning and evening before you go to bed. I do
    that and it works for me 🙂

  • Tsion Nerea 3 years ago

    seriously this sucks

  • loosy love 3 years ago

    hi 🙂 this vedio is really fantastic but does it work??,,how many weeks do
    i need to lose 8 kg if i practise it everyday??

  • Madison Limpus 3 years ago

    I’m 5’1 127lbs and 13. And I don’t have the best diet…. what can u
    reccomend me? Please and thank you xx

  • William Roberts 3 years ago

    i am 53 ibs and 11 yrs old i need more weight

  • fitappy 3 years ago

    Whatever makes you feel comfortable :)) “ideal” weight depends on your body
    type, shapes, etc.

  • fitappy 3 years ago

    don’t forget about Cardio exercises. You should do them a few times week

  • Carla Martins 3 years ago

    Vou treinar! o/

  • Monica Giri 3 years ago

    Hi I am just a beginner .. anyone who has tried this will u tell me in how
    much time can we see the results :|

  • Aytan1984N 3 years ago

    Hi i’ll be glad if u’ll reply..i like my legs it just i want to excersies
    in order to tone them up but not to shrink them or just build muscle and
    get bigger? Will it help me?

  • FreshEyes22 3 years ago

    love it…

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