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  • katie snarich 3 years ago

    Wash your face?

  • Danesha Dunmore 3 years ago

    Ok. Does she have 2 dimples or one? Cause the only one i see is the one on
    the right. 

  • allyandnai louyakis 3 years ago

    can you make one like how we should decorate and organize our lockers
    because i really wanna know how to make my locker fancy and clean. -ally

  • Lily Corbett 3 years ago

    quick and easy is concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick
    braid ur hair and ur done
    she made it so complicated u don’t always have to look cute 

  • Sonia Witte 3 years ago

    What song was that?

  • Katie G. 3 years ago

    Bethany is SO lucky. She doesn’t need any makeup! Unlike some of us
    unfortunate people who wakeup, look in the mirror and screech when they see
    a monster looking back. Some people are blessed with “un-puffy” face.
    Lucky them. 

  • Jennifer Fischer 3 years ago

    question: how is this quick or easy??

  • judy Li 3 years ago

    do more lunches or giveaways

  • Laura Schmidlin 3 years ago

    Who da fudge has time to apply nail polish before school

  • Lyndsay Rae 3 years ago

    lookin’ fab

  • Rozzela ellis 3 years ago

    i have a question how on earth did you get on tv

  • Blaz3MoDz 1 3 years ago

    is she in high schoool

  • Abigail Driscoll 3 years ago

    Soooo u said at the beginning that ” if u r running LATE to school this
    would be a FAST easy look. But u took FOREVER…!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT FAST.

  • exfairy 3 years ago

    I can do that bun thing (a bit of a messier version) without the doughnut??

  • Vanessa Reeze 3 years ago

    Can you do a video for back to school but the makeup dont with only
    eyeshadow and mascara

  • Karina Mejia 3 years ago

    Where did you get the Bun thingy for your hair?

  • liz aylinn 3 years ago

    Dear bethany , seriously there is not words to describe how amazing you’re
    . Your seriously my idol my inspiration , the fact that your always in the
    best mood

  • Ccdingie Dongie 3 years ago

    Does anybody have any tips on covering up acne but still looking very
    natural and not cakey? 

  • Neval Khawar 3 years ago

    Where is Bethany from? Because she said her pants and boots are from
    Pakistan. Someone PLEASE answer my question

  • Alexis Morales 3 years ago

    But I have to wear a uniform

  • Jenna Pond 3 years ago

    Bethany what school did you go to?

  • Rasa Rasote 3 years ago

    Does anybody have any tips on the shine that BB cream gives? Bc I don’t
    really want to be shiny and look sweaty 

  • Mia Andrea Long 3 years ago

    Who wears eyeshadow to school? Also, no one paints their nails in the

  • Manuel Mendoza 3 years ago

    Wow! I never realize that Bethany has more subscribers than Michelle does!
    Btw who’s more popular Bethany or Michelle???

  • Melony Rowe 3 years ago

    Did you know that the maybaleen brand or how never you spell it that brand
    test on animals
    Here’s an example
    The take animals and keep them in cages there whole life and put hairspray
    in there eyes and put mascara on the so I would really hope you listen to
    this and use the crulity free brands like “revlon” or “Almay” cause those
    brands don’t test on animals so please please please don’t use maybeleen or
    L’Oreal cause they do test on animals 

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