Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout is a dance-inspired cardio workout that is designed to burn fat, boost metabolism, sculpt the abs, and tone the entire body. L… Related




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  • sepideh daliliyazdi 3 years ago

    gotta go, good job ,thumbs up

  • nekopii 3 years ago

    Do these things really work? :/ I’m currently on a weight-loss journey, and
    I’m kinda having a hard time knowing what to believe in the internet… :/

  • Mina Chan 3 years ago

    Can I ask how many weight can I lose in a week or a month if I do this
    workout twice daily?

  • NegritaTanRica 3 years ago

    This was such a great warmup! Thank you for posting!

  • Sara awan 3 years ago

    workout complete will do 2morrow again :-)

  • Rachel Mariam 3 years ago

    It’s like dancing:))))))

  • Moo Dee 3 years ago

    I actually had fun!!!!!

  • theperns 3 years ago


  • This Week's Healthy Living Tip 3 years ago

    You are gonna love this dance workout! Let’s go girls!

  • boricuaenlaluna bv 3 years ago

    pretty cool!!! shes a great instructor

  • Kristina B 3 years ago

    Denise always makes exercising fun. Love her workouts.

  • thetyranosorus 3 years ago

    it was fun watching this!

  • Pearl Jacoba 3 years ago

    It’s FUN OMG I play it twice hahaha!! Gonna do it again tommorrow

  • mahalia findlay 3 years ago

    Is it just me or does this vid seem old ????

  • Gina Mendoza 3 years ago

    U Can Burn From 500 to 1,000 Calories Per 1 Hour Of Zumba(:

  • lilcherryblossom 3 years ago

    The black guy in the back is the best!! XD!!!

  • srish lee 3 years ago

    does this really help in loosing weight !!!
    i need some videos for my friend !! she is around 68 kgs and what are the
    perfect videos of workout for her ??? at this weight ? can she do this !! ?
    plzz reply fast 🙂 thank you 

  • Blake Hamilton 3 years ago

    Love how there is just a random black dude with a ton of girls. He is
    gettin it.

  • MissJen 3 years ago

    I’m so thankful for YouTube and the channels because there is so many
    fitness workout here !!! Free and all thanks again ;)

  • Leeloo ikasa 3 years ago

    loved this! only one i did to the end because the instructor didnt annoy me

  • CrAzYcHiNaChInK1 3 years ago


  • raghda elsayed 3 years ago

    Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout Fat-Burning Funk Dance Workout

  • njwda 3 years ago

    I almost have a heart atack with this, I need to get in shape ._.

  • tedd morales 3 years ago

    Do you guys know how many calories you can burn in this dance exercise?
    Hope someone can answer. Thanks ahead! :)

  • DoanTrang Nguyen 3 years ago


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