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  • Ram Thapa 3 years ago

    To anyone who wants to build muscle eventually. Just Google Ready Set
    Ripped to find out more.

  • Lovro Zore 3 years ago

    Fuck, I remember now how much I love these videos; Elliott in front of a
    white board shouting at the camera and teaching us

  • Kenneth Hawkins 3 years ago

    Can someone comment foods for each day according to this diet? Thanks.

  • silvertrigga 3 years ago

    He said “candy, cookies, cup cakes… women and children food”…. lol I
    eat all that shit man… I guess im a 27 yr old child

  • Mike Lacey 3 years ago

    I want to try this! question: macro ratios for Monday Tuesday and Thur Fri?

  • kinetik1989 3 years ago

    your body burns its energy sources in order, carbs are your main energy
    source, when carbs are expended your body switches to burning fats for
    energy, finally if the other two sources are completely depleted your body
    will begin to eat proteins ie. muscle tissue, which is if you cut carbs and
    fats to too far of an extreme. this is not to say that is progressively
    only uses carbs until they are empty, then transfers to fats until they are
    empty, then proteins. Your body, ordinarily will only use protein for
    survival in cases of extreme dieting or conditions such as anorexia

  • givemetenth2010 3 years ago

    A few more hours and this 24hr fast is over. This is satanic. 

  • Павел Терешин 3 years ago

    going to try this diet plan “next week”. Wish me luck :)

  • Abbershay 3 years ago

    Curious about the amounts of food i can eat.

  • TheFotube 3 years ago

    Thank you Eliott for the great video, how is the water drinking going to be
    like on all those days? 

  • Wilco Bosman 3 years ago

    I’m very new to the field. What do you do for exercises the entire week?
    And how about cardio?

  • Gregory Harris 3 years ago

    How does this diet work for 44yrs olds who have diabetes,HBP, and
    Hypothyroidism on medication for those illness
    I wght around 300 

  • Noah Godwin 3 years ago

    I am 21 I spend the bulk of my time working and do not have time for wight
    training what should I do

  • Joey Caldwell 3 years ago

    Can somebody explain this to me? Saturday when we reload, if Sunday comes
    and we’re feeling good and swollen and just reloaded, what do I eat Sunday
    in order to not “spill over” ?

  • Tony Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Sometimes it takes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    looonnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg for Elliot to GETTOTHE POINT

  • flowkid_official 3 years ago

    So Wednesday? Nothing to eat the whole day? Not even drink? 

  • CeelosO Fitness 3 years ago

    Never did I hear of being in a caloric deficit, key factor in losing
    weight. Great tips though

  • Dzenan Hadzic 3 years ago

    does this work for a 16 years kid because he’s in his puberty phase

  • Darion1A 3 years ago

    Is this good if you’re trying to gain weight too?

  • WorldWideStars 3 years ago

    hEY ELLIOT! what kind of diet you use?

  • Samisim Klout 3 years ago

    Have you ever heard of someone ordinary melting fat–and enjoying 3 full
    delicious meals at the same time? Go google Fat Blast Furnace to learn

  • Darren Gaudry... 3 years ago

    Any video you make is usually just so informative mate!

  • Jolita Brilliant 3 years ago


  • Fallzvidz 3 years ago

    I’m young and going to high school, don’t think I should eat nothing for
    24h on wednesday :D

  • GieniuMen 3 years ago

    I died on 24h fast D: But im still going :D

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