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  • prettywitty77 3 years ago

    u can do it!

  • ross shopaholic 3 years ago

    how do you prepare your chicken to avoid it bland and boring?

  • awwyeahme2 3 years ago

    no your cheekbones are more pronounced .neck look longer thinner out you r
    losing that little girl round face look. you loo good

  • Ashley Preudhomme 3 years ago

    Very proud of you for making the change to be healthy!!! Besides the
    protein powder do you take any vitamins or supplements for the extra boost
    of energy?

  • jenfran777 3 years ago

    Great video. I need to cut out all the rice and bread I eat as well. Can’t
    wait until part 2

  • MsRoxie25 3 years ago

    You go gurl!!!

  • LaTeese Hall 3 years ago

    you go girl!

  • prettywitty77 3 years ago

    maybe 6 to 7 bottles a day. I know, I know- still not enough. lol

  • prettywitty77 3 years ago

    I don’t take vitamins for added energy. Motivation and my results thus far
    gives me energy.

  • awwyeahme2 3 years ago

    you look great. go girl!!

  • branfan22 3 years ago

    great video girl. I also work overnight, so when do u get your 2mile run in?

  • prettywitty77 3 years ago


  • koribenice 3 years ago

    Jus had me a bag of them hot cheetos, but I gotta get my weight in order.
    Not gone keep buyin more pants….

  • ycammyy 3 years ago

    You look Great! Are you eating your vegetables steamed or raw?

  • Brittany Aldridge 3 years ago

    Lol cheetos!!!!

  • Patrice Benjamin 3 years ago

    Congrats on ur weightloss I’m on a journey I need to lose this weight.
    Thanx for the motivation.

  • cletang88 3 years ago

    omg….. soooo proud of you!!!!!!

  • Elita Ali 3 years ago

    “What had happened was…” Lol! That’s the perfect introduction to a lie.
    Me and my friend joke with that all the time…funny 🙂

  • prettywitty77 3 years ago

    that’s RIGHT!

  • DieHARD Saint 3 years ago

    what is the brand of the protein powder you use ?

  • Robin Prajapati 3 years ago

    If you have been trying to lose weight, you should do a google search
    Stupid Simple Slimming. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

  • SParkApCider 3 years ago

    “eat to be satisfied” #realtalk
    you look amazing…stay grinding~

  • trishNhighheels L 3 years ago

    this is soooo helpful ! 

  • Larken Akins 3 years ago

    I started the squat, ab and plank challenge!!! :-)

  • alisha bills 3 years ago

    Do you have measurements for the flax seed that you put in the shakes? Also
    what does the flax seed do?

  • sadie williams. 3 years ago

    i done it ooosh

  • Zlatenmuskul 3 years ago

    There is fly in the room haha

  • 岩室美紀 3 years ago

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so hard

  • Francy Lafortune 3 years ago

    Did anyone get any results from doing this??

  • ericasheed 3 years ago

    Love it, Like it.

  • Sabrina Jane 3 years ago

    How many days a week do I do this a to get great results?

  • Harmony Hartley 3 years ago

    Perfect for doing after one of your workouts :)

  • Chris Walker 3 years ago

    Finished. Not bad.

  • Chengyang Zhou 3 years ago


  • Chandra U. 3 years ago

    Been doing this for the past 4 days everyday and everytime the video ends
    is when I think to myself: great, I was starting to feel it, good it ended.
    haha 😀
    But maybe I should push myself to do 2 rounds of the whole work out. Not a
    fan of working out with videos, but yours is definitely a good one! As some
    already wrote:
    The man’s voice is very relaxing and motivating at the time, the ammount he
    talks is perfect.. and of course: mentally preparing us by showing us the
    next move!

    Much Love ~ 

  • Haley Pepper 3 years ago

    Thank you SO much! I love doing your videos! Totally feel myself getting
    ripped :P

  • melissa washington 3 years ago

    Did not finish it today but i will try on Monday again

  • Royneshia Menard 3 years ago

    .how many tymes do you qotta do the exercise so it can work !? 

  • Imprint Life 3 years ago
  • Trisha Tiay 3 years ago

    question though: what if I can’t do one of these because of my poor
    flexibility, do i quit the whole program?

  • Jaida Thomas 3 years ago

    did it work???? plz tell me if this work and how many days it took to see

  • cheyclone 3 years ago

    Hey guys.. So i weigh 115 and i turn 16 soon. i’m not trying to lose weight
    just get my abs strong and so they will show more. So is it normal for your
    stomach to kinda like stick out? 

  • leyoschka A. 3 years ago

    ive been doing your workout for a week now 😀 but do you guys have a arms
    workout? to make your arms look skinny not chubby? but one without having
    to use equipment

  • Elena Achim 3 years ago

    If i do this routine 2 times a day, would it help me lose weight faster?

  • Anastasia y 3 years ago

    This lady doesn’t have a six pack lol, that’s why i don’t trust this

  • Avi Kolapo 3 years ago

    Just killed this. I’m burnt out. lol

  • Vanja Ljubić 3 years ago

    The “4” leg raises are really difficult for me. What an awesome workout

  • Anastasia y 3 years ago

    Wow no, no I take my words back! It hurts so much! Great 😀 I did a lot of
    different exercises from other channels and after those I didn’t feel pain
    in my core, abs, or my neck was acing… So your video is the best of the

  • peacloveandgir 3 years ago

    On the W leg raise and Figure 4 leg raises my hips popped on like every
    raise.. Is this normal or do I possibly have hip issues??

  • JaimiLG 3 years ago

    did the whole thing!

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