An easy makeup tutorial to look fresh, youthful and effortless. This makeup routine takes me 5 minutes tops! It’s all about minimal eye makeup and giving you… Related


  • Maria Lourdes de Castro 3 years ago

    Michelle, I keep coming back to these old videos. You look really
    refreshing here! :D

  • Amyna Carynna 3 years ago


  • marycel ocon 3 years ago

    shes my inspiration for doing make up

  • Scarlett R 3 years ago

    It says it in the description. Not the product though unfortunately but the
    brand (:

  • Thanh Nguyen 3 years ago

    you look so beautiful !!!

  • Faith Simmer 3 years ago

    simple!! update it!

  • OneLifeDaily 3 years ago

    You look so different now!!!!

  • Alina Ahmad 3 years ago


  • Sugar Pink Pie 3 years ago

    thank you! that makeup is quick enough to look like a girl and not a
    morning zombie :)

  • BunniesVlogz 3 years ago

    Sunscrean: keep it young but give it cancer

  • mGin Cutin 3 years ago

    i learned a lot from you…

  • Tania De Lys 3 years ago

    I liked this video a lot, if you did as well why dont you check out my make
    up channel Im 19 and self taught and I just started out on youtube and need
    some subscribers :)

  • MegaPink129 3 years ago


  • Spink MakeUp 3 years ago

    love this video <3 !!!

  • Nyx Gypsy 3 years ago

    Sad how fame and fortune changes people. These were the first videos I
    watched from her and she seemed so relateable back then. Now…she’s just
    another celebrity. Seems she kind of forgot where and how she started. And
    before I get all these hateful comments, it’s just my opinion and I have a
    right to one -_-

  • sarahonstarboard 3 years ago

    This is nostalgic. This is the first makeup tutorial i ever saw… and
    probably the 10th video i saw on YT overall. 

  • Sweety Hussain 3 years ago

    like the idea of using a card while applying mascara. ;)

  • ForeverYoung17 3 years ago

    Loved this fresh look perfect for a beginner 

  • Hanna martinez 3 years ago

    but i dont have dark circles

  • Lena Shamseldin 3 years ago

    This is my exact everyday makeup routine just without the brows, and i like
    to line my lower lashline…luv u mish!!

  • Chocolate Bunnies 3 years ago

    Wow she always sounded like a robot or zombie. So
    Monotone and boring voice even back then 

  • loveayomidelace 3 years ago

    If your face is naturally how it is now then you can’t change it and u look
    quite pretty but here you look more Asian and a lot more beautiful. your
    face was soft,delicate and youthful and your hair looked soo stunning dark.

  • Miss. Libby 3 years ago

    Look at her most recent video, I swear she has WAY bigger lips when she
    smiles now

  • Rebecca Lee 3 years ago

    What brush did she use to apply the powder and to blend in the concealer?

  • David 3 years ago

    thats why women get spots and acne they put so much slap on, all the
    chemicals do this. they spend an hour putting it on then spend more money
    on chemicals to remove it. just go out natural looking at least the bloke
    will no your look the same in the morning and not like a zombie.

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