25 Replies to “Full Meal Plan to Lose Weight”

  1. BeautifulLivingArt

    Great video! I am so glad I found your channel and website. Cannot wait to
    get started! :)

  2. Aurora Padilla

    Hey I luv ur vidz I’m a new subscriber 🙂 any who quick question do I have
    to eat the snacks ? I mean just eat the 3 meals because I’m pretty full
    with just those .

  3. Pandora Olive

    I’m a vegan… I can’t really eat most of these meals. Do you know a vegan
    diet I could do? Good video though, I liked it a lot.

  4. Rain Dropps

    p.s. You should make a cook book I’ll buy your first one 🙂 Your recipes
    are totally doable. I love your workout videos too and your accent ;)

  5. Belle Femme

    Great video!! I am definitely going to try out these recipes. I love how
    easy and creative they are. BTW you look so healthy n glowing!! I have to
    increase my water intake for sure 🙂 

  6. Ann Marie

    Can you do a video on a kitchen tour of your kitchen like all the
    appliances you use and include accessories you use like your measuring cups
    ,spoons, storage glass jars, etc. and include how you organize your
    cabinets and counter tops? It helps to be organized when trying to prepare
    meals to lose weight.

  7. SilentAssasin425

    Okay, so what happens on day 2….you just eat the same thing over
    again?….eating healthy is so

  8. sim kaur

    hi Joanna can you please answer why should we not eat white rice since i am
    Asian like u know we gotta eat rice too sometimes but just wondering why
    not white rice ? and by the way luv ur video 🙂 ^_^ oh and 1 more thing
    Joanna i am celiac means i cant eat wheat i hope that wont affect and i
    follow this meal plan or close and is it ok if i eat 1 small gluten free
    cookie rest of my diet is clean and high quality i am not fat just want to
    tone up 🙂 please answer

  9. Mukith

    Hi I need help on my diet, I am into keeping fit but always fall into bad
    habits with my diet. I work out hard in the gym but always fall into the
    trap of eating bad food afterwards. I need to know what I must eat as a
    guy, so I can maintain a healthy diet.

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