Turmeric Face Mask is a Southeast Asian secret for beautiful youthful Skin. If you aren’t too familiar with Turmeric, Its an amazing Spice which is mainly us… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • Angelica Saywhaa 3 years ago

    Can i use the Mccormick ones? Im afraid it may have different chemicals in
    it, because it doesnt say its all natural nor its mix with

  • Audrey Talon 3 years ago

    Are you Michelle Phan’s sister?

  • Chioma George 3 years ago

    Can I use any flour if I don’t find rice flour? And the milk can I use any
    milk too? 

  • Yasmin Abusaleh 3 years ago

    I use this mask every week or two weeks and it works wonders
    Its so amazing you can see the difference right away !
    It makes my skin soft and the next day it would be all cleared up from all
    the dirt and blemeshes
    Oh and btw when you wash this off your skin might look a little yelow so
    use your daily face cleanser to wash the yellownes
    And this mask can be done just by putting the spice and a spoon of yougurt
    and thats it … Mix them and put it on your face
    You wont regret it 

  • Kathleen Kikot 3 years ago

    Can you use this mask on skin with blemishes? I have 7 or 8 and I’m afraid
    that it might make them worse.

  • Georgia Baddeley 3 years ago

    I didn’t know you were originally Nepalese! I am so enchanted by Nepal’s
    culture and geography… & I recently finished a painting that attempted to
    celebrate Nepalese culture. I would love your opinion of it, ’cause I’m not
    sure I got the portrait right. Is there a way I can show you a photograph
    of it? Maybe on Facebook?

  • Dar dah 3 years ago

    I done this. It dyed my skin yellow for a few days. My friends thought it
    was hilarious……I experienced life as a real ompa lompa……I wasn’t
    happy at all!!!

  • Tuqa Qaduri 3 years ago

    That was geat DIY we also use it in iraq for hair promlem and for skin
    treatment ^___= thank you and we want more of DIY

  • innerbeautyout13 3 years ago

    +Promise Phan can you use it without the rice flour 

  • auifjnlje fuaaekllf 3 years ago

    Does the turmeric stain the face? Will I get yellow? 

  • Kelly Mlynczyk 3 years ago

    You should speak Nepali in one of your videos. I love listening to other
    languages, even though I don’t understand. Language is beautiful.

  • Mila Soo 3 years ago

    Can I use just rice that’s been blended&crashed in a blender instead of
    rice flour?

  • Marru 3 years ago

    +Promise Phan I’ve got dark spots in the back of my neck, like a LOT, and i
    can’t get them off anyhow… Would this mask work on there also?

  • swordsandsirens 3 years ago

    Coincidentally, when you were suggesting ways to get rid of the yellow
    stain, your camera color corrected to the sudden blue from the packaging
    and made your face yellower for a bit. This mask sounds like a great idea!
    I love all natural masks but I don’t love paying $8 for a mask from Lush.

  • sam rita 3 years ago


  • Jenna Han 3 years ago

    This is probably mean… My mom does this Turmeric mask and she asked me
    several times if I wanted to try it..I always said yucky..until now cause
    of Promise LOLOLOLOLOLOL 

  • LessCaraMoreMom 3 years ago

    Trying this tonight!! That’s for sure time to get rid of all my scarring.
    Promise, will it get rid of freckles too? 

  • CuteNailPolishArt | Sharmeen 3 years ago

    I did this today! Love turmeric masks! xx

  • Emma somethingxx 3 years ago

    I got rid of my acne by drinking 2L of water a day and like clean and
    clear’s everyday cleanser and never forgetting to put on sun block and
    moisturizer and that was it, please try it at least the water part trust me
    it’s wonder and i lost 8 pounds in a week DRINK WATER AND YOULL BE FINE

  • Minté 3 years ago

    Thank you! I am going to try this

  • Divya Sood 3 years ago

    hey promise i’m indian, and my mom uses tumeric like everyday in our food,
    and will it burn around the eyes, b/c the scent can be overwhelming, or
    will the rest of the ingredients make it less smelly?

  • srasm 3 years ago

    Make sure you’re getting real honey, as opposed to fake honey with added
    sugar and sweeteners!

  • Kalei Lagunero 3 years ago

    LOVE THIS!!!! I’m gonna try it! Thank you so much for sharing Promise! Love

  • Tina Rai Pun 3 years ago

    Hi Promise! Ur room looks nice…a house tour maybe? 🙂 xx

  • Aquascape 3 years ago

    I’m terrified it will make my skin yellow 

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