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  • Epic Beauty Guide 3 years ago

    I have great tips on those on my website if you want to go there and read
    the articles (search “blackheads” for the big article I did on how to
    eliminate them). For acne scars, I highly recommend CELSUS scar cream. That
    stuff works wonders. ~Steph x

  • valentina rigamonti 3 years ago

    U helped me

  • asianeverything5 3 years ago

    What would you suggest for under eye silica? how to clean them? any
    cleansing/taking care of them products you think would be best? pls reply

  • Epic Beauty Guide 3 years ago

    It’s decent and inexpensive, but I think you would be better of with their
    alcohol-free wicth hazel for your combination skin. 😉 ~Steph x

  • Epic Beauty Guide 3 years ago

    Yes, it will work, just be gentle. 🙂

  • melissa tom 3 years ago

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  • Clayton Rawley 3 years ago

    Your naturally beautiful =) Thanks for the tips, i let my girl friends this
    link… Cheers

  • Deepa Shukla 3 years ago

    Thank for tips

  • Faaria Khan 3 years ago

    Can you make a video on how to lessen acne and scars 

  • april lelis 3 years ago
  • vicky plouskas 3 years ago

    you kinda look like mj from spider man 

  • Padmaseeli Malkanthi 3 years ago

    i wll try

  • كاروان محمد 3 years ago

    Thanx for the tips . will try some of them 

  • Katieheartsbeauty 3 years ago

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know I made a video with some tips on
    how to get clear skin, and it would mean so much if you checked out, and
    subscribed if you enjoyed. I know this seems like spam, but I promise I’m
    just trying to help anyone who might be interested. And if you’re not,
    please just give this comment a simple thumbs up so others can see. Thanks,
    Katie xoxo

  • Lauryn Taylor 3 years ago

    Hey, in the morning before you eat or anything rub a slice of cucumber on
    your face , then wash off with room temprature water !! It really helps my
    acne !! And it takes away pimples , do this 3 times a week !! Xxx 

  • taitai108 3 years ago

    You speak like Kandy Johnson you look beautiful. Thx for the tips. 

  • xXDr0pxD34dXx 3 years ago

    That’s A LOT of ingredients.. lol

  • MyNaturalCollection 3 years ago

    Hey there!
    I wanted to see the Lotion Mask product, but the link seems to be broken.
    Kind regards,

  • FillePille 3 years ago

    2-4 liters? Really

  • MarGoLuv 3 years ago

    No, no, no. You don’t need 8 glasses or 2-4 litters of water. You just need
    to drink about 65% of your body weight in water. Here is an equation….
    [ your current weight x 2/3 = amount of water you need to drink in ounces
    However, everything else she says is good advice. 

  • Ag foxy 3 years ago

    Great video ! If want you more of this, go to see my channel 🙂 

  • Natalie Kiernan 3 years ago

    Could you tell me where you get the cloths for the lotion treatment. Many

  • Georgia Brennan-Scott 3 years ago

    Hey, this is exactly what I was looking for: clear, explained tips that I
    can add to my mental collection of beauty facts. Things to bear in mind as
    opposed to put into action immediately. I did want to correct you on your
    comment about baking soda though, it shouldn’t be used more than once a
    week because it breaks down the enamel on your teeth over time. Thank you
    for this video!

  • K4100N 3 years ago

    Baking soda is bad for your teeth. It will make it worse when you get older

  • Juu Li 3 years ago

    You look like an angel *Q*

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