Hello friends! This is the first video of my series for getting fit with me! I know I still have a long way to go, but we can do this together. Here are thre… Related


  • Cryslex 3 years ago

    Love u and can u make healthy snack ideas cuz were going on vacation and I
    want to pack a healthy snack. Love ur channel so much love u and ur videos

  • kekelove143 3 years ago

    Would the smoothie taste good if you replaced the orange with another
    fruit, like strawberries 

  • Deanna Jay 3 years ago

    loved the video!

  • Ashten Robino 3 years ago

    You should do a work out routine

  • Jenny Coman 3 years ago


  • mirna poon 3 years ago

    God i found you on YouTube like 2 hours before and I couldn’t stop watching
    it…its already 1.26am here.. loved ur video stay chill nd bubbly <3

  • AbbyLayneLife 3 years ago

    what is a mamachia drink?

  • marissa pink 3 years ago

    I have never see anybody cut and orange like that but lol i am TOTALLY

  • In the morning I eat bowl of Slim ‘n’ fit cereals and an apple (sometimes
    an orange), for lunch I eat some beans or any kind of green vegetable. And
    for dinner a bowl of fruit salad. I read that bananas gain weight. ._. so I
    don’t eat bananas. btw. great video! :)

  • _Khetsanahhh 3 years ago

    For you next video could you do workouts

  • Yesenia Ramos 3 years ago

    Thank you for this video now please do lunch :)

  • swtmamixo 3 years ago

    more healthy videos pls!

  • giselle perez 3 years ago

    Do more videos like this plz

  • Phuong Tran 3 years ago

    bro you be cooking me a yummy breakfast all day everyday. 

  • Dina Sulei 3 years ago

    Im waking up hungry, egg and cheese,sausage is my choice 

  • Kbmuas 3 years ago

    That orange is so juicy I can just put the whole thing in my mouth…
    that’s what she said…

  • missmonsterbeauty 3 years ago

    i juste love you so much!

  • Hayslin BvBArmyxp 3 years ago

    This proves my mom wrong! YouTube isn’t useless! Cx Anyway Loved the video

  • Stacey Lee 3 years ago

    Cereal and bananas make me feel sick 

  • Lips Sweetie 3 years ago

    loved it. i just made and playlist and added this to it 

  • Antesmrtaquesensilla 3 years ago

    Hi i invite you to my channel please

  • CiaraPhelan 3 years ago

    Your figure is amazing!You look great! Do you have any specific workouts
    you follow? Love the ideas by the way, will definitely be trying them out!

  • TheAmeliix 3 years ago

    I liked this video! I want to get fit with you, so pls post more of these
    type of videos :D

  • MISSYANYI♡ 3 years ago

    girllll you look amazing !!! and yummmyyyyy this looks good ! doesnt help
    i’m watching this at like midnight lol 

  • BabamitsANNE 3 years ago

    So I was really excited to see a few of you send me photos on Instagram of
    your breakfast! Send me photos if you try these breakfast ideas out, I
    would LOVE to see them!

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