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  • Andrew Bordeuxpe 3 years ago

    Stop stealing artists music without permission!

  • Madisradd 3 years ago

    Michelle!! I thought you might like the video I uploaded because its a DIY
    video about making lipsticks out of CRAYONS. I know right? It sounds crazy
    but it really works and I just thought you would like it considering you
    LOVE lipstick so you might really enjoy doing it! Please thumbs this up so
    she can see it!!

  • littlepinkskeleton 3 years ago

    My advice would be not to use a product for the first time before a big
    event. I tried out a mud mask and it left me a bit red. The same goes for
    make up. Try out the look you want to do first or else you might end in

  • Liv Albers 3 years ago

    How long have the lemon sugar mask to dry?

  • Angelique Loves You 3 years ago

    Would it be safe if you were to use some of these on the same day? For
    example the aspirin mask and the lemon scrub?

  • Gauri Sathish 3 years ago

    This was the first video that I watched from her and I instantly subscribed

  • Izzy Lucero 3 years ago

    What did she use to self tan her legs

  • jessicamaes94 3 years ago

    I watched another video on here and this esthetician said to never use
    lemon on your skin. The acidity messes up the ph of your skin.

  • Fashiontwinkle1 3 years ago

    I’m 13 is that to young

  • Phakjira Tiraratchailert 3 years ago

    My under-eyes are always flakey. What ahould I do?

  • Samar simssimy 3 years ago

    Michelle I have a question ! my skin is oily , I just wash my face and than
    after two hours I can see my face shining from the natural oils of my face
    , so I say to my self no need to use a moisturiser ? + produtcs in Algeria
    sucks u woukd never find good products they are all 3eme choix , so what do
    u recomand me to do ?

  • Marina Andreou 3 years ago

    I disagree with the lemon and sugar:it’s very invasive and can damage your
    skin. Also she using anti-wrinkle creams at such a young age does nothing
    for your skin and can even cause acne. Shame on her for giving such bad
    beauty advice. 

  • Vivian Barrows 3 years ago

    She looks like an Asian Ariana Grande.

  • Jenn R 3 years ago

    What is the pink thing she used to pull her hair out of her face????

  • UnWantedPromise 3 years ago

    I have hairy legs, I haven’t wax or shave them because they say im still
    young (14 yrs old) I really want to get rid of them before prom, any tips
    or ideas except waxing or shaving them? 

  • dalia a. 3 years ago

    The lemon scrub is awesome I just tried it and I feel a differnce ❤ thank u

  • Flgator s' 3 years ago

    You suck. 

  • wabla blergh 3 years ago

    Hi, Michelle. how do you manage when you get pimples? do you pop it or just
    leave it?

  • RedVelvetCupcake 3 years ago

    The lemon and sugar thing is stupid, considering the fact using lemon alone
    like that is going to disrupt your Ph level. You can just use a good
    exfoliator, that can CONTAIN LEMON… don’t make this crap complicated than
    it needs to be…why is this video crated in the first place, the more I
    wonder. If you’re going to prep your skin, you’d use your regular skincare
    routine anyways, for the usual break outs, acne, etc, and she already make
    a video on the egg mask facial as for the collagen masks, those are common
    in the asian skincare routine. 

  • Georgia Brown 3 years ago

    I love peeling masks :)

  • Cherry 3 years ago

    My skin is both oily and dry. I have flaky, dry skin on my face, but if I
    moisturize it, I’m afraid my pimples will get worse… any tips for that?

  • Lucy Heartfilia 3 years ago

    Are you Japanese? :)

  • Hee Seo Kim 3 years ago

    I’m 12

  • SpaceUnicorn WaffleKid 3 years ago

    Can you use lemon juice instead

  • Mix Jackson 3 years ago

    I’m so dumb, i watched a bunch of edi tutorials yet I couldnt have watched
    this video a week b4 eid and now eid is 2 days away

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