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  • josethebest97 3 years ago

    I’m a dude I just recently got it i usually just buy oil treatments they
    help a lot home remedies are ok but most of the stuff used for home
    remedies I never ever have them.

  • HHgGenericZ 3 years ago

    I’m sorry but I love the way u talk

  • Coconut Oil For Hair 3 years ago

    hi, which do you think is better – Apple Cider Vinegar or coconut oil ?

  • vanessa nunez 3 years ago

    Medicasp works soooo good but ima try apple cyder v cuz I dont feel like
    buying it

  • Lorraine Chia 3 years ago

    Would your hair smell after this?

  • Honey Pearl 3 years ago

    I never seen that much dandruff before!

  • Laura Klein 3 years ago

    Hey guys, I’ve also had a flakey skin condition with big red irritated
    spots, but in my case it was an semi permanent eczema that had to be cured
    by the dermatologist. Anyways, a great shampoo and conditioner for fighting
    off these symptoms are the Dr Organic Tea Tree Oil shampoo & conditioner.
    It decreases the itching a lot (to almost having no itch at all!), and also
    makes the flaking disapear for at least 2 days after washing it (this was
    my experimence). It’s a bit expensive, but it’s a lifesaver. You’ll finally
    not have the urge to scratch your head 24/7. It is not a replacement for
    medication, but it’s a lot better than head&shoulders. Maybe it’ll help
    you! 🙂 And it also fights off greasyness, so it might be good to combine
    with this method.

  • Rex Jan Angelo Cullarin 3 years ago

    So much haters on this one! Haha!!

  • Kelechi Asika 3 years ago

    Her pronunciation of words is appalling. 

  • Matuu Pulepule 3 years ago

    do you have to wash your hair first?

  • cheese fields 3 years ago

    You do know tap water from the sink is extremely dirty -_- smh

  • Miranda_loves_Music 3 years ago


  • Neil Cooper 3 years ago

    *Discover soothing relief from dry scalp in as little as 3 days with these
    surprising natural remedies.*

  • GalaxyMF 3 years ago

    That was back in the day TODAY 2014 no ones wants their hairs smelling like
    old azz cheese use anespectic ok

  • Tweedo Thirteen 3 years ago

    Too much talking. 

  • Angelina Dok 3 years ago

    I have super bad dandruff. It started just a little bit and I kept
    scratching it and it became a habit then I started picking out the big
    pieces which to me was kinda fun lol, but that became a habit too and now
    when I take off big pieces my scalp starts to bleed. It’s crazy and also I
    kept picking out my hair to see what the top if the strand looks like and
    now it’s don’t want to know.

  • BeautyxxCupcake 3 years ago

    omg❤️ You girl saved my life

  • danielszp 3 years ago

    i doubt this girl graduated high school. Her grammar and vocabulary….
    Can’t take advice from someone who sounds like they have never read a book.

  • Vicky Lin 3 years ago

    Hi. Thank you very much for sharing. Will try this. After my accident,
    dandruff came like flakes. No shampoo ever helped…

  • hbkpower 3 years ago

    Apple cider vinegar is a natural wonder ! You can use it for literally
    every ailment.

  • Temickab b 3 years ago

    I spray my scalp undiluted.. i do it at night before bed and then go on
    with my life. I don’t even rinse it out. On my hair wash days, I shampoo,
    condition and then spray the apple cider vinegar on my scalp and wait until
    it dries. I have sebbhoreic.dermatitis. . Tha k god for acv

  • Lucy Horan 3 years ago

    I’ll put another comment if this thing works

  • shameonanigga3400 3 years ago

    your accent is cool

  • Tyleah McFadden 3 years ago

    Okkk thank you I would have applied it to my scalp without washing my hair.
    I thought it was a way to cut the shampooing and you apply apple cider
    vinegar to your hair and go on with life. And you’re my dandruff sister
    lol. Btw you’re simply beautiful. 

  • Dez Smith 3 years ago

    Ok, i have crazy thick hair! Like it takes me 20 minutes to rinse my hair
    in thw shower and i also have crazy bad dandraf. I have selsune blue but i
    find it just made huge flakes!! And iv tryed scelp creams but my dandraf
    gets really bad because un less im going trough my head by hand picking the
    big peices out it will not fall out becuase of how thick my hair is…. has
    any one had a similer problem… and how did you fix it, like really fast
    because im going to my schools dance with a guy i like and…. yoh know….

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