Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast !! | Home Remedies for removing under-eye dark circles

Get rid of dark circles with natural home remedies by using either cucumber or mint leaves. For complete information check this short video from http://www.h…
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25 Replies to “Get Rid of Dark Circles Fast !! | Home Remedies for removing under-eye dark circles”

  1. FSNK1

    Yes, I would like also to know what if we mix all 3 remedies. Would it
    work! Please answer or if someone has done it!!! Thanks,

  2. crot

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  3. Maheen I

    My thoughts on this: I tried the second remedy for about a week. Once I
    made my first batch, It lasted about a week before it started getting black
    dots in them, then I made a new one. It has shown improvement, my dark
    circles are definitely lighter but they are still there. Just another week
    to go! Thx Homeveda :)

  4. lari maharjan

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  5. Ghayatery Nagatamby

    Can the balance juice be used for the next day or everytime must use the
    freshly made one ? Thanks in advance for your reply

  6. Azuremuse

    i think all that acid food lemons and tomatoes can no way be good near your
    eyes .. why are you not putting on so we can see how it is? thats a big
    red flag for me …

  7. Sj Volfy

    She is beautiful 🙂 I have one doubt pls reply to it! Applying first
    remedy is better or d 2&3? Which is better? And Tell a way to remove the
    stretchmarks 🙂 do a video 

  8. Joe Swearengen

    You can apply any fruit or vegetable to the skin to get rid of dark
    circles…some just have stronger effects like cucumber and lemon…I got
    rid of mine and and I did the cucumber cinnamon and lemon and saw a huge
    difference 2 months later


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