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  • Kleisi Nuraj 3 years ago

    which song is that one ? 03:40 ?

  • Maman Jojo 3 years ago

    what is the title of the song at 3:30

  • Catena Seck 3 years ago

    what type of food do I need to eat if I want to be skinny?

  • Nawi Abdou 3 years ago

    love it

  • Charlene Maitha 3 years ago

    I love these workouts but I was wondering are we supposed to do 3 of the
    same workout or 3 different ones.

  • Elly-Elham Konjkav 3 years ago

    wonderful page u have got here Tiffany! thank u!! just one qn, is this
    exercise considered HIIT?!?! i was told by my doctor to do 10 mins HIIT
    every morning but i like ur style and not all those burpees! please say
    yes!! :(

  • Mrsnoble 3 years ago

    Hi please make this video viewable throw mobile…. The video always says
    that this is not made available for mobile… Please change the setting

  • Priyanka Nambiar 3 years ago

    any videos to reduce shoulders and arm size? I have broad shoulders and fat
    hands I want to reduce them.

  • Tshepiso Maiketso 3 years ago


  • Abby Abbott 3 years ago

    This is my all time favorite workout channel! Almost didn’t make it through
    this one :)

  • L'lerrét Ailith 3 years ago

    She’s so cheesy but I love this haha

  • CupCakeGangsta 3 years ago

    That was awesome! I really like this video!!!!! #good #workout

  • Eren Mckay 3 years ago

    Love this workout:
    Get your SEXY BACK with this Fat Burning, Calorie Blasting, Body-Sculpting
    Workout by Tiffany Rothe

  • Raj Bhoyedhur 3 years ago
  • G Gomez Ruiz 3 years ago

    lol, this was so much fun! I have a mirror and couldn’t help but laugh at
    myself sometimes. The last part felt odd. xD
    Imma do this more often! 

  • CupCakeGangsta 3 years ago

    it’s easier to move those hips faster and more comfortable, if your knees
    are loose! #mwah 

  • crazysox305 3 years ago

    Omg I’m a stick lol

  • I'm multifandom 3 years ago

    This is the second day doing your fitness routines, I want to lose some
    weight for this summer! I suscribed to your channel :)

  • Jessica Davison 3 years ago

    my day 2 workout. 10 min of cardio. @SparkPeople #fitness #challenge
    #exercise #health #wellness #reachyourgoals #StreakIntoSpring 

  • Aisha Bunny 3 years ago

    zumba XD

  • kekekiwi 3 years ago

    the end was getting to me. OWW!

  • Alya Angeles 3 years ago

    you explain very nice, easy to understand ,thanks a lot dear)

  • Camden Smith 3 years ago

    She wants you to repeat each of her work out three times through. I like
    workouts that are all-inclusive so I don’t have to keep going back so I
    tend to combine her hot body warm up with this work out and then I do two
    of the waist or other workouts. I would highly recommend for advanced
    users, that you do this work out once you learn the moves at a doubletime
    speed and you will find results come much faster. Great instructor and so

  • ibukun George 3 years ago

    I started this three days ago and I lost 2kg.

  • KamiTee116 3 years ago

    that last one, with the pretend table! OMG that worked me soooo hard!
    thanks a lot for the exercise help :D

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