daily Hair straightening routine at home it is fast and easy way to save money and get straight hair without chemicals . I have long Indian hair which requir… Related


  • Brittany Nciole 2 years ago

    I literally come here mostly to hear her gorgeous accent c: I also learn
    stuff too lol She’s absolutely beautiful and the accent makes it so much

  • ushma sachdeva 2 years ago

    Ur hair isnt really curly or frizzy plz do a video on dat

  • Jessica Angela 2 years ago

    I really like the Revlon blow dryers. Try doing this with a round brush.
    The round brush adds tension to the hair so it is more straight. Good for
    wavy hair.

  • Zura Rox 2 years ago

    i never go to any salon and just let my mane grow and trim whenever i need
    to, i treat my hair as a part of my body,.not microwaving it :)

  • desicinemaalifestyle 2 years ago

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  • Elisabete Condeço 2 years ago

    I love your vídeos, thank you for sharing with us :)

  • nadia issa 2 years ago

    your hair is strait to start with !!!!

  • honey kaur 2 years ago

    looking nice

  • Madison Cunha 2 years ago

    Hey anvita sharma! Learn how to spell, and use proper grammar before your
    criticize other people!!! Thanks!

  • gudulu gurung 2 years ago

    u even no how to spell comb….. u said sth called cumb lol

  • Audelia Medina 2 years ago

    How do yo get your hair long 

  • Candy Kandy 2 years ago

    Do anyone see that Christmas poster moving in the background. 0.0

  • sushma padyala 2 years ago

    thanks….good tips for straightening. but, i just have a small doubt. ur
    hair is good and straight before you straightened it. but mine isn’t like
    that. so will ur technique work on hair type like mine. pls reply….

  • swathi singh 2 years ago

    very nice video..plz do share some other hair care video also…

  • Sahmaara 2 years ago

    please let us know how to tame frizziness and deal with flyaways in the
    hair. Thanks!

  • MEL STEVENS 2 years ago

    Cool! Now I know I can straighten my hair with a blow dryer alone. Thanks
    for this great vid tutorial. I’m trying this out with my Karmin Salon Pro

  • Anne Guirguis 2 years ago

    ur hair is basically already strait before even blow drying 

  • Sri Devi 2 years ago

    u blow dry ur hair daily ? ouchh dats bad for ur hair :'(

  • RHEA PILLAY 2 years ago

    You are damaging your hair woman. Put the blow dryer at least 30cms from
    your roots. Don’t give wrong advice to people.

  • juliettaloves 2 years ago

    Fucktards will always criticize, if a white woman spelt exactly the same,
    they’ll drool saying “ooo exotic” I respect this girl because she’s not
    ashamed to be herself and sharing her private space unlike sitting on her
    fat ass and criticizing. Kudos to you *superprincessjo and #middlefinger
    to ugly ones out there.

  • YoshiandAGlovrstudio 2 years ago

    u said “bye” in the introduction of the video?

  • jokha said 2 years ago

    You have the most beautiful hair i have ever seen.

  • NEERAJ GUPTA 2 years ago

    i like yoga

  • Chic Francisco 2 years ago

    God bless your video. :-)

  • Jenitha Sekaran 2 years ago

    what is the heater model i mean in revlon what its model dr?

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