25 Replies to “Hair Care My daily Hair straightening routine”

  1. Brittany Nciole

    I literally come here mostly to hear her gorgeous accent c: I also learn
    stuff too lol She’s absolutely beautiful and the accent makes it so much

  2. Jessica Angela

    I really like the Revlon blow dryers. Try doing this with a round brush.
    The round brush adds tension to the hair so it is more straight. Good for
    wavy hair.

  3. Zura Rox

    i never go to any salon and just let my mane grow and trim whenever i need
    to, i treat my hair as a part of my body,.not microwaving it :)

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  5. Madison Cunha

    Hey anvita sharma! Learn how to spell, and use proper grammar before your
    criticize other people!!! Thanks!

  6. sushma padyala

    thanks….good tips for straightening. but, i just have a small doubt. ur
    hair is good and straight before you straightened it. but mine isn’t like
    that. so will ur technique work on hair type like mine. pls reply….


    Cool! Now I know I can straighten my hair with a blow dryer alone. Thanks
    for this great vid tutorial. I’m trying this out with my Karmin Salon Pro


    You are damaging your hair woman. Put the blow dryer at least 30cms from
    your roots. Don’t give wrong advice to people.

  9. juliettaloves

    Fucktards will always criticize, if a white woman spelt exactly the same,
    they’ll drool saying “ooo exotic” I respect this girl because she’s not
    ashamed to be herself and sharing her private space unlike sitting on her
    fat ass and criticizing. Kudos to you *superprincessjo and #middlefinger
    to ugly ones out there.

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