Hair Care Routine: Tips for Growing Long and Healthy Hair

Tips start at 3:53 if you want to skip to that (: Wavy Hair Tutorial: How the Wavy Hair Tutorial looks the morning …
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Hair Care Routine + Tips For Long Hair FAST

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Replies to “Hair Care Routine: Tips for Growing Long and Healthy Hair”

  1. CharliMarieTV

    totally heading in to lush tomorrow to get that Roots treatment. i feel
    like my hair has stopped growing! hopefully that will help :)

  2. Naya Taneja

    long hair dont care! and i keep my hair up in a pony tail a lot because
    apparently it helps your hair grow faster! and i have noticed it, my hair
    has grown over 4 inches in the past 3 months!

  3. makeupwithfarrah

    for anyone who is trying to grow their hair fast try the inversion method!
    search inversion method on youtube. My hair grew 2 and a half inches by the
    end of the month. I also use organix macadmia oil shampoo and conditioner
    for my hair because it has no sulfates. loved the video and ur hair is so

  4. beautygeek77

    I really love your videos and your editing is always on point and i was
    wondering if you could give me some tips on how to get more subscribers on
    youtube and stuff like that and if you could maybe check my first video
    out? ☺️

  5. cindy williams

    my tips on growing healthy long hair (my hair length is down to the dip in
    my lower back, almost to my booty :D) is to use argan oil shampoo &
    conditioner. i wash my hair every 3 days. use dry shampoo on days my hair
    is oily. i use the macadamia hair mask once a week. i brush my hair with
    the tangle teaser & apply its a 10 miracle leave in treatment. i use a heat
    protectant when using curling or flat iron. i get my hair cut twice a year
    & trim the ends myself in between if i see any split ends

  6. Louise Lexie

    loveeeee and i litterly just talked about morrocon oil in the video i put
    up today hahaha so weird!

  7. Maddie Squidgy Radke

    I have a pixie cut currently, kind if like Miley’s. How long do you think
    it would take for my hair to get as long as yours?

  8. Imama zainab

    I’ve cut my hair many times and it takes forever to grow and I was
    wondering is it possible to cut your hair so many times that it’s stopped

  9. SpiritOfElegance

    Ahh! You’re so pretty! And I loooove your hair! <3 I have 3 feet of hair,
    and I'm basically 6' tall. My hair stops on my behind. Lol, sometimes I
    wonder if it's too long...but I refuse to cut it! Although I won't be
    growing it a whole lot more...thanks for this video, though! :D

  10. Dolly Q

    Don’t worry people say to trim your hair every two or three months but if
    your hair doesn’t have any split ends there’s really no need, I trim mine
    once a year haha

  11. TheThehahawoman

    i hate how some comments here criticise her hair by saying its too frizzy,
    unhealthy and unnatural. first of all, grow your hair as long as hers and
    then start criticising. i personally think its beautiful

  12. Lara Richards

    I’ve done all the things you said not to.. Like tugging at it when it’s
    wet.. And now my hair is literally dead! I ant do anything with it except
    put it in a ponytail!

  13. MissCharleigh Jade

    your right about hot water damaging your hair!! but the reason it actually
    causes damage Is this- your hair is covered in cuticle scales they face
    downwards toward your tips, Heat opens/lifts your cuticle scales. After you
    have done TWO shampoos your cuticles will be open, that’s why you HAVE to
    use conditioner. Conditioner closes your cuticle scales leaving your hair
    soft and shiney. cool water/luke warm water should be used to rinse
    CONDITIONER. DO NOT use cool water when you shampoo because your hair will
    be left dirty! you need the cuticle scales open (by using warm water) in
    order for the shampoo to cleanse the hair properly!! If you blow dry your
    hair, always apply heat protector and blow dry correctly!! as long as you
    use your dryer on a medium/low setting of heat and speed, your hair will
    not be damaged. You need to ensure you blowdry using a round or flat brush
    and direct the air flow down the hair shaft towards your ends DONT blast
    your hair dry its so so bad for your hair!!! I hope this helps someone!!!

  14. princessofDBZ

    your hair grows fast, or it doesnt. Vitamines are healthy but doesnt really
    help to grow it fast. I tried, just keep your hair healthy

  15. Omnia Kadorah

    My hair is the same length as your but it’s kinda dry , I wash it with very
    hot water and I comb it when it’s wet !! Now that’s gonna stop 😀
    Thnx for the tips 🙂
    LOVE your hair 

  16. NickiTheBestRapper

    My hair is too long but it doesn’t look like yours…. :'( It’s wavy and
    fizzy :|

  17. mixedfruits07

    My hair is so thick! I HATE it! Does anyone have any tips on how can make
    it a little thinner? ( im even expecting for anyone to know! xD)

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