25 Replies to “Hair Care Routine!!”

  1. kk101beauty

    omg, you look way better when your hair isn’t in a middle part or curled 🙂
    & every black girls hair is curly after and before she gets a perm <33
    anyways, loved the video! 

  2. Azia Snow

    Hun your hair ain’t curly like mine…. I cant even brush my hair it looks
    like a Afro like really really really really really curly hair you have it
    so good 

  3. Ahmara Johnson

    so she wears a weave? she didn’t really clarify it beside saying she has
    extensions. no hate just a question

  4. Janice Jan

    Ur hair is wavy when wet, not really curly its permed #nohate i enjoyed
    this video thank u for posting

  5. A Woodley

    Lol , Did Anyone Watch Her When She Was On The Show Are We There Yet? Or Am
    I The Only One? Lol

  6. Sparklify

    Why do people make such a big deal wither she wears weave or not. Its
    honestly so annoying. 

  7. MeagandDanielle26

    TIP FOR BLOWDRYING YOUR HAIR QUICKLY: bring the hair drier further from
    your scalp. The closer it is to your roots and scalp, the longer it will
    take to dry! It’s hard to believe and explain, but when it’s closer, it
    locks the extra moisture in your scalp, making it take a very long time to
    dry! Xoxo!

  8. AmirahMakeupStar11

    Okay guys.
    Calm the FUCK down. I bet it’s all you white people talking shit about how
    she wears weave.
    US BLACK PEOPLE wear weave because our hair isn’t as easy and simple/wavy
    as all of yours. So stfu and come out of the video if you don’t like it. 

  9. India Arie

    Believe it or not, my hair actually was naturally curly. ( When I was
    younger this took place ) I had like the basic “African Hair” , where its
    all poofy , and looks kind of like an Afro at the end of ponytails. ( When
    I wore “Pigtails” My Siblings used to call them Pom-Poms. Ahhh the good
    days..) But my Mom gave me a perm, and well now my hair texture is straight
    , and has been for as long as I can remember

  10. Jaia Riley

    I’ve never actually seen your real hair before. I always thought you had a
    sew-in or something. But your hair is a good length. 

  11. Simplylovejurnee

    Is her she like mixed mixed or is her dad and mom African American and she
    just has some German in her and her hair is soooo pretty

  12. Debbie Jacques

    Omg me to my hair is thick and long thanks to the domincian side but damn
    it’s hard to maintain 

  13. Tealaxx2

    YES I WEAR extensions OH MY GAWD. Calm down. I literally said i did in the
    video and showed everything.. CALM DOWN THANKS

  14. Tealaxx2

    Yes i wear weave/extensions i just call them that. If you dont like how i
    do my hair simply do not watch. I DO have long thick hair as you can see in
    the video.

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