ALL INGREDIENTS & INFO FOR MY RECIPE: **************************** TIP: Pour a little milk into your liquid egg mixture before y… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • Praxisflo 3 years ago


  • Georges Maikel PIRES MONTEIRO 3 years ago

    Hmmm! Gonna have try this. Thanks dude

  • Michelle Jimenez 3 years ago

    Yummy looks good .thanks for the recipe 

  • jack robert 3 years ago

    You R the MASTER

  • Kimberley Kamosi 3 years ago

    Attractive man in the kitchen. Oh yes! 

  • Sara Bahreini 3 years ago

    That.Looks.Absolutely.Freaking.Fabulous. *O*

  • Jennifer Gomez 3 years ago

    What do you do with the yolks? Do you just toss them out?

  • Heiidi LaBlankitaEspeciall 3 years ago

    Why do you only use eggwhites?

  • Tanveer Yahya 3 years ago

    niceee.. how many eggs would u use for one person?

  • mike sebastian 3 years ago

    Yo man do u cook jus the egg whites or can you use the whole egg ? Need
    help tryin to loose some weight. 

  • Donna S 3 years ago

    This looks good!!! That would even be a nice dinner,,,,thank you for
    sharing, definitely giving this a try!!! :)

  • karen c 3 years ago


  • Farooha Shaqiri 3 years ago

    Wow looks nice .. I dont like eating eges
    But that looks yummy
    Im gonna try it tomorrow ..
    Thanks you are doing great .. keep it up plz
    God bless you ,,,

  • TheCheerbear 3 years ago

    I want to make this 😀 

  • Shannel Jacobs 3 years ago

    totally making this tomorrow for breakfast!:)

  • KIIDDREZ 3 years ago

    Hey Brett, your videos are very awesome. I was just wondering if you could
    make a healthy dinner video!! just to give me some more great food options.
    that would be much appreciated bro!! thanks 🙂

    P.S – me and my girlfriend adore your relationship. Its honestly perfect.

  • KittyKat2818 3 years ago

    you are so hot ! ;D

  • Malone Camilleri 3 years ago

    Ty brett , definitely i try it :)

  • Bahbah Blacksheep 3 years ago

    You are so damm sexy :3

  • thewifeybea 3 years ago

    this looks amazing!! I really love eggs & I don’t make nearly enough
    omelets! thanks for the recipe!

  • SuperPerfect10 3 years ago

    Damn I will be making this, without the cheese thou. Thanks 

  • illuminati 3 years ago

    Quick? this is anything but quick… 

  • longlastingbeauty 3 years ago

    That looks insanely good oh my gosh

  • bellezasimplificada 3 years ago

    That looks so yummy!

  • SecureLove 3 years ago

    Can you substitute the grilled chicken for baked chicken?

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