At you will learn some of the best home fat loss workout exercises to lose stomach fat at home. If you are serious about increa… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Check out the to see how easy it is to quickly lose fat and get ripped working out only at your own home. […]




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  • InsaneFatLossGuy 3 years ago

    You do not need this every single day. Start doing these exercises slowly,
    like two times per week for 2 weeks and 3 times per week after that. As
    soon as you feel like you can handle it without problems, you can get more
    routines by going to the home fat loss workout site to get really ripped!
    If you feel that you need easier exercises, please watch the video for
    beginners above. Thanks for watching and keep the body moving!

  • hotbabespix 3 years ago

    Nice body 🙂

  • Parker Scott 3 years ago

    This really works your full body! Should we do this once a day?

  • Marcos Hernandez 3 years ago

    Can you give me tips for losing belly fat PLEASEE

  • Chris Eaves 3 years ago

    thanks bro

  • Lilly Sweet 3 years ago

    I have a belly fat is this work out good for it

  • Darkstar1399 3 years ago

    I’m 15 still tryna lose weight I’m almost about 200 pounds but I’m trying
    to lose that is this a good technique to do this 

  • Dean Eee 3 years ago


  • Jackie Lian 3 years ago

    How long it’s take to lose

  • Sofia Levantian 3 years ago

    Terrible song for them but love the performance and the song. They should
    stop moving because it affecs the singging

  • YT Suly 3 years ago

    This isnt his real channel, this is mike from six pack shortcuts…

  • mshottpriss lav 3 years ago

    I love this adding it to my routine thank you!!! 4 sets no exscuses :-)

  • Dammeon Kasales 3 years ago

    If your ever in vegas let me know I will do a photoshoot for you man!

  • Raphael Crespo 3 years ago

    The way I’m unfit if I do this exercise at first I’ll feel pain for a
    month. lol 

  • Attitude is everything 3 years ago

    I just want cake i just want cake 

  • jjjesus1986 3 years ago

    Best abs work out I ever had I’m in a great muscle building diet and a
    little bit of cardio and this workout is what I needed to work on my belly

  • xxSvenxx1 3 years ago

    A bit funny how you can barely see his abs lol

  • crosses101 3 years ago

    My friend you look like a freaking sledge hammer!

  • anrolos25 3 years ago

    I can feel my abs without flexing… damn im gonna keep doing these.. they
    burn.. but as far as i see.. they work as hell ! try your besst! :)

  • Protocycle_X 3 years ago

    how many repetitions do you recommend to beginners with some belly fat?

  • BlackSkorpyo7 3 years ago

    *these exercises are amazing.. I only needed about 2 weeks to tonify my

  • Abhimanyu Aryan 3 years ago

    i do it daily with you on youtube….i would have downloaded this video but
    doing it with you on youtube is what keeps me motivated….seems like a
    live coach :p
    already reduced 10kg and it feels so good when i walk….feels like i am
    flying on road…its too for our feet to carry extra weight they are meant
    to carry :p

  • Alan Heath 3 years ago

    Thanks for the help!! Very much appreciated. I will try and do it with
    you every day. I suppose it will last until Wednesday!

    I only managed to touch my toes once but I suppose that will come with

  • Da Law 3 years ago

    Hey Mike I like this channel where you do actual tutorials that work
    extremely well. But the Six Pack Shortcuts channel doesn’t really include
    too much tutorials so I’m just wondering if you could do more tutorial
    videos and upload them to the Six Pack Shortcuts channel. 

  • Nocturnal9720 3 years ago

    I’m just starting out this work out I’m 17 yo and roughly 16 st. with a
    fair bit of fat around my thighs, belly,face and also embarrass moobs I
    tried this workout but I could only do one set in 3 minutes but I’m gonna
    keep trying till I can at least do three in seven minutes, I just wanted to
    know what other exercises do you recommend for the other parts of the body
    that I listed, thank you :)

  • NBK TV 3 years ago

    Your title is false it says burn fat but you told us we have to burn fat to
    see abs? Make a vid on burning belly fat first would ya?

  • colonydude 3 years ago

    Hi I’m almost 16 and weigh 195, I do heat a lot of junk and plan on slowing
    down immediately before it gets out of hand. Any suggestions that could
    possibly help with my situation ?

  • Stu Wright 3 years ago

    like the vid, not the music tho!

  • InsaneFatLossGuy 3 years ago

    OK guys… I am having a lot of comments on the video… I do not have time
    to respond all…its like thousands emails every week, I approve only few
    and less to respond, since I have a lot of stuff to do and workout 🙂 So
    please forgive me, here is my answer to a lot of you for once… you asked
    about if this alone works or if you need a diet to follow, or what foods to
    eat. Please any healthy meal plan will do. BUt after couple weeks of
    research I decided to post video of my friend Brian, who developed the 3
    week diet — 3 Week Diet Review – The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3
    Weeks – How Does It Work? that stuff works and with this crazy exercises or
    my program at you will not need anything
    else. Because it really works…I get a lof of comments how just the
    exercises helped, but with Brians 3 week diet, you will change. So stop
    whining and do something for yourself. You either want it or not. I just do
    not have the time to answer to all….

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