Hi Everyone, Thank you for watching… In today’s video I will show you one of my natural home remedies I do to keep my skin healthy, acne free and glowing. … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related


  • Maryam Ali 3 years ago

    were are you from?

  • choti sk khan 3 years ago

    You are saudi???

  • Helena TheGreat 3 years ago

    Hi Everybody, and Maya Mia 🙂 If your intrested to have a flawless skin,
    please visit our store on just type: “Helios Bliss” we make great
    natural pure olive oil soaps with turmeric :))))

  • Randi Heisler 3 years ago

    Hey Maya! New fan here… Do you use the scrub to clean the turmeric stain
    off immediately after rinsing the mask, or wait until when you wash your
    face the next morning? I’m very VERY fair-skinned and am mindful of
    anything that could stain it and make me look like the yellow version of a
    smurf LOL 🙂 I’m SO willing to try this because of the acne factor

  • Yoleine Tamari 3 years ago

    Wow!! So simple, but so beneficiary for any type of skin really. I gave it
    to 3 of my girlfriends there’re chanting wow!! lollll… You did a great
    job young lady.

    Thanks! “You’re awesome”! 

  • makeupbyme25 3 years ago

    wow your skin is amazing! def will try this out thanks

  • Hafsa Irshad 3 years ago

    hi thr.. z ur skin sensitive nd also oily? nd does dz remedy works on oil
    nd sensitiv skin? i wyd b pleasd if u wud answr me asap..

  • nirupama bubbly 3 years ago

    +Maya Mia can i use curd instead of yogurt?

  • StarscreamIsMyHero 3 years ago

    I agree with you yan! Before, I did everything to get
    rid of my cellulite I even went to fitness program
    coordinator but was frustrated about it. Until I
    found this program offered by he site:
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    and the whole program is the bomb! In just
    a short weeks, cellulte were started to disappeared
    plus it helps lightens and smoothens my skin.
    Couldnt be more happier^^

  • michelle s 3 years ago

    why are you wearing lipstick to apply a face mask

  • Kaila Ferreira 3 years ago

    Can you save the product the fridge and if so for how long.thanks.

  • Samantha Says 3 years ago

    There are people who wants to know what kind of yogurt you used. May I know
    it as well? Thank you.

  • lQueenBl 3 years ago

    Can we use a Lemon instead of a Tomato?

  • savika somair 3 years ago

    Please help me
    Can I use any kind yogurt 

  • mustafa 3 years ago

    Hi Maya I did this mask three tiMes in 2 weeks omg my faceeeeeeee neverrrr
    looked so good tjank youuuu. My acne cleared scars healed and complexion is
    beautiful. I don’t need fOundation . Thank youuuu

  • Pretty Little Lady 3 years ago

    can I use Like milk or cow milk or else instead of yogurt ?

  • Nouroflife 3 years ago

    You are just goerous person. I adore ur make up. I wish you advise sth for
    lines around the eye 🙁 :'( It’s bothering me a lot especially when i put
    powder and highligh
    I stopped using highlight cause i have little dark spots on the cheeks
    bone. Can you recommend a highlighting concealer ( i am in Saudi, we have
    drug store and high end make up)

  • Alondra Reveles 3 years ago

    You have beautiful skin

  • mohit maurya 3 years ago

    There r 2 big rather major mistakes in ur video

    1. U never use sugar directly on ur face if u have acne. Substitute sugar
    with any other scrub. Reason-sugar is a great medium for bacterial/fungal
    growth and hence it’ll rather promote acne than reducing it.
    2. Preferably used at night b4 sleep this face pack should not b followed
    by any cleanser or face wash as uve mentioned, coz these materials will
    remove all the “good” effects that turmeric caused on d skin; yogert is a
    natural cleanser and chances of staining r very less. If u want to reduce
    the staining just reduce the quantity of turmeric.

  • Sindhusha Vura 3 years ago

    hope it works bt it’s 2 easy

  • jakester0852 3 years ago

    theres littarrlly no such thing as Tummer ick. idk whats shes trying to

  • ermahgerdperderders2 3 years ago

    +jakester0852 turmeric is the yellow powder…Idk why ppl leave out the
    first “r”, I pronounce it the way its spelled lol. I’m pretty sure you can
    find turmeric in any grocery store in the spices aisle, but it nigjt depend
    on where you live. If you can’t find it in a regular store, you should go
    check at any South Asian/Asian store…if you’re still desperate in finding
    turmeric, you can always order some online:)

  • tbnl75 3 years ago

    sugar flake is sharp, you sure its safe to use on facial skin ? I wouldn’t
    dare using sharp edge stuff on my face ><

  • Hnin Wai 3 years ago

    Can we remove turmeric easily ??? i am afraid that the color will last on
    my face ??

  • TingooKids 3 years ago

    This is also a good pack for tan!

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